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Martin Elbourne


martinMartin has worked with independent bands for the last thirty years, and is best known for his work with the Glastonbury Festival, as well as for booking many other festivals around Britain. He started booking bands when he was at college in Bristol, 1977. He ran local gigs, set up a record label and magazine and met Peter Gabriel. In 1982, Martin co-promoted the first Womad Festival. He then moved to London and got a job with Rough Trade in their agency division. Martin worked with many cool indie bands including The Smiths, New Order, The Fall, Sisters Of Mercy. He sold Michael Eavis (owner of Glastonbury) The Smiths. They were the first really hot new act he had put on. Martin co-founded TGE with Jon Mcildowie. He currently books the main stages for Glastonbury, Lovebox, Jersey Live and part-books Guilfest.