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66 Bristol Archive Records is an amazing dot to dot picture of the city's musical history, I would recommend it to anyone who has ever been interested in why and how the sound of the city has became 99what it is today.

Geoff Barrow


66Bristol’s famous for many things like Chatterton the poet, Cary Grant and now the Archive can be added to fellow locals ‘Blackbeards the Pirates chest’, as a true treasure trove of wonders.

Bristol Boys make 99more noise...

Mark Stewart


66Since the days of The Bamboo Club in St. Pauls Bristol where Matumbi were frequent visitors, the Bristol music scene has been one of the most vibrant in the U.K. I've had the pleasure of working with brilliant artists such as The Pop Group, Maximum Joy and Joshua Moses. Bristol Archive Records has most definitely recaptured the magical moments of that era with their re-issue catalogue

Dennis Bovell   Feb 2012

Bristol Archive Records is a record label dealing in Bristol post punk, rock and reggae 1977 onwards.

We aim to showcase music from the diverse Bristol Music scene and provide a historical account / document of all things Bristol that should never be forgotten. Many of the artists and releases are rare, unknown or never before released. The material has been lovingly digitally remastered from vinyl, ¼ inch tape, dat or cassette. The original vinyl releases would generally have been limited to runs of 1000 copies or less.

We would like to thank the original label owners and/or the artists for allowing us to share with you their forgotten works and provide a statement of how brilliant bands have always been from the city of Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Enjoy and never forget the talented ones from the past, they deserve to be recognised & remembered.

Mike Darby



Featured Track

This is 80s Pop (Out West) Bush and Clarke

I'm Satisfied




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Music From a Festival Field

The Three Stripe Collection (1985-1990)
Smith & Mighty
The Three Stripe Collection (1985-1990)

Smith & Mighty - The Three Stripe Collection

The Bristol Reggae Explosion: 1978-1983
The Bristol Reggae Explosion: 1978-1983
Various Artists

The Bristol Reggae Explosion: 1978-1983 - Various Artists

The Bristol Punk Explosion
The Bristol Punk Explosion
Various Artists

Bristol: The Punk Explosion - Various Artists

The Cortinas


Electric Guitars  Jolts
Dole Age - The 1981 Reggae Collection

Dole Age - The 1981 Reggae Collection - Talisman

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