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Cavan (Kev) Saunders


At what age and what era did you get involved in the Bristol scene?

I grew up in Frome and started to go over to Bristol and Bath to watch gigs when I was 16. This would have been around 1974. I came over to Bristol a lot during the New Wave era 1977/80,and went to places such as the Locarno, Granary,Colston,and also over to Bath pavilion and Moles club.

What band first excited you?

If you are talking Bristol bands, then I would say The Spics,and the Electric Guitars... I also saw the Bath band Interview a few times, i think they were highly under rated.
What can you tell me about Frenzy?

Frenzy is a Frome based Psychobilly band. I was a member for Three and a half years. We had a top five Independent chart hit called, I see Red in 1986.

Massive in Holland and Germany, why?

Psychobilly was never a big thing in the u.k., but in continental Europe things were very different. Over here things were too Fashion conscious,over there ,if you were a good band they  appreciated what you did. Scandinavia was much the same,they looked after you and the gigs were well attended.
How many records have you released?

Several over the years, with big gaps in between, due to involvement in other things, and having had to deal with illness.. Apart from Frenzy records, I have made recordings under the names of Kev Saunders, Spookboy, C.P.S. and 3rd Twin..
These have been in various formats,the most recent, as MP3's..
What was Mushroom Studios like in Clifton?

It was ok, well priced, local and friendly, we did some of the tracks for the first 2 Frenzy albums there. We also used studios in London, Luton and The Hague..
Who was the recording engineer?

Steve Rizley,and the owner was a guy called Dennis Mann..
Did you use other studios in Bristol and the surrounding area?

We made our demo tape in a studio in Frome,now long gone..
Before i joined Frenzy, i used a number of facilities including,Elm in Paulton,
and Eclipse in Warminster.
Have you followed Bristol Music over the years and which bands in particular?

I have very Eclectic tastes, and here are some of the ones i have liked...
Spics, Electric Guitars,Massive, Smith and Mighty, Reprazent, The Pop Group,
Also, other people who are associated with the city,such as,Keith Christmas
 and Claudia Aurora.
Where do you live these days?

I live in Horfield, just off Filton Avenue..
Whats your best memory of Bristol Music?

Seeing the city finally getting the recognition it deserved with the breakthrough of Massive  in the late 80's.. A+R people then finally started to wake up and listen to West country talent. Before that, we always had to go to London to connect with anyone who carried any weight in the music business.