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Praise Space Electric


In 1992 PSE released Cosmic Funky Explosion EP (PopGod) which was a gallant experimentation in soft psychedelic funk, though not as successful as their 1993 EP the groundbreaking Diggin at the Dig In (PopGod). Made with members of (Bristol Latin Trip Hop stylists) Up, Bustle and Outy, the record featured looped up dance mixes of the track and has been played out by DJs all over the world.

This track was taken from a somewhat muddy sounding yet interesting LP called 2 Demons Leaving (Delerium Records '93). The band had been growing and by 1993 was often a nine piece group featuring two drum kits -due to Toby finding his own replacement (called Errol) but then re-joining to play along-;three extra vocalists; a synth wizard (Dieter Hertwig) and a Hammond organist (Dr Mark Underhill) all of whom contribute to this album.

The band continued to tour and blow minds until The Moonflowers moved to France in 1994 and spent the Summer recording. PSE took advantage of two weeks of this time and created their finest album Mushroom Jazz (Delerium). This record was finished and mixed in Bristol at the end of 1995 and features playing from many other talents. Unfortunately, due to bassist Sam living in Normandy, drummer Toby in North Wales, keyboardist Dieter in Australia and guitarist Jesse in Bristol, the group found it slightly impractical to continue! The album was finally released in Sept 1997 only on CD.

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PSE Discography


1991 praise space electric LP pop god

recorded in a cottage in wales 1990 / 91 by ian pierie


toby - drums; jesse - guitar and singing; sam - bass and vox; rebecca levine -backing vocals; ezra - percussion

1. PSE and the bagertucker

2.aul ma love

3. children


5.dancing song loneliness

6. isten to the beautiful 7. black rock

1992 cosmic funky expolosion EP pop god  

recorded in antennae studio 1992 by


toby - drums; sam - bass; jesse - guitar and voice; spaceways - horns;


1. freak out

2. sweetness sweetness sweetness

3. all my love

4. whoop your ass

1994 leaving demons LP / CD delerium records Delec CD 015

recorded in foal studio north wales by dave anderson 1993


toby and errol - drums; doc - organ; dieter - synths; sam - bass and vocals; jesse - guitar and vocals; caroline, liah and elisa - backing vox



#01. Doc's Groove - 3:37

#02 Sinnerman - 7:26

#03. Rhythm Rhythm - 5:29

#04. Singing The Same Song - 4:09

#05. Diggin' At The Dig In - 5:51

#06. Freedom - 6:09

#07. 400,000 Million Years - 3:24

#08. Waves Of Joy - 6:36

#09. Drain Your Wobbles Away - 5:21

#10. Cybergenetic Experiment X - 4:41

#11.Pebbles - 1:56


1995 Diggin at the diggin ep pop god records

recorded in foal and antennae. remixed by toby and friends


toby, sam, dieter and jesse


1997 Mushroom Jazz Delerium records DELEC CD 046

recorded at la banciere, normandy in 1994. mixed at st lo and bristol (tim jukes studio) 1995


toby, sam, jesse and dieter


1. Inbetween Times
2. Do You Know How To Play
3. Movement
4. Forward In every Direction
5. Connection
6. Plazza de Toros
7. Nothing Could be Simpler
8. Then You Can Do It
9. You're The One


2000 DoBeDo CD Disco-ordination records

recorded live at planet-x in liverpool in 1991 and 4 track demos from '91 / '92


mainly toby sam and jesse with some friends


1. black rock
2. listen to the beautiful
3. ishkabible
4. children
5. praise space electric
6. electric pussy
7. woman
8. freakout
9. freedom
10. sweetness
11. all my love
12 black rock







Live In Tokyo 1995





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