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Vibes album ‘Reminisce’

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Vibes Album ‘Reminisce’ set for release in the spring of 2013.
Recorded in 1990 but never mixed and therefore another unreleased British Reggae classic. The album features three brilliant vocalists from St.PAULS, BRISTOL, UK – Popsy Curious

, Veronica Morrison aka Veereal and Winston Minnott from Cool Runnings.

Track listing:
1. My Love
2. My Love (Dub)
3. Jah Hold Up The Rain
4. Jah Hold Up The Rain (Dub)
5. Reminisce
6. We Must Go Home (Jah Jah Children)
7. Judgement On Creation
8. Judgement On Creation (Dub)
9. Hurting So Bad
10. Sell Out
11. Sell Out (Dub)
12. Tribulation
Bonus Tracks:

13. We Must Go Home (Steve Street Mix)
14. Jah Hold Up The Rain (Steve Street Mix)
15. My Love (Steve Street Mix)

The album has been mixed by Dave Sandford who has previously completed some remixes for Black Roots with the exception of the three bonus tracks which are mixes completed by Steve Street aka Doug The Dub

More news soon a CD and Digital release coming your way via – MORE CLASSIC BRISTOL VIBES

The Story of Lovers Rock

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

The Bristol Archive team went to see this great new film last night to a packed house at The Watershed in Bristol

Its the story of the UK’s history of Lovers Rock

 The DVD pre-order process for  THE STORY OF LOVERS ROCK is now ready.

Please follow the link:

The Story Of Lovers Rock

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Check this interview out by the film maker and maybe go see the film at The Watershed in Bristol on Dec 17th

The website:

New Reggae Release

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


                      SPLIT 7” Vinyl – Limited Edition Single

Featuring ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Mr.Guy’

                 Released as part of ‘Record Shop Day’ April 16th 2011

Bristol Archive Records are extremely pleased to announce their participation in the phenomenon that is ‘Record Store Day’ For our contribution we have selected two tracks from our highly popular album “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 – 1983”, (ARC191), and coupled them on a strictly limited seven inch single.

This double A sided release finds us in a mellow mood as we couple Joshua Moses’ “Pretty Girl” with Sharon Bengamin’s “Mr Guy”.

 “Mr Guy” is a lovely slice of lover’s rock and somewhat overlooked when released in 1980 but it has become a firm favourite with us here at Bristol Archive. “Pretty Girl” finds Roots singer Joshua Moses showing his softer side, it was something of a hit on the original release and makes a natural pairing with Sharon’s tune.

Both tracks were originally released as singles on Bristol label Shoc-wave Records some thirty years ago and were given their first digital release with their well deserved inclusion on “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 – 1983”. “Mr Guy” also made it onto the limited vinyl version of the album, but running time constraints meant there was no room for “Pretty Girl” something we a very pleased to rectify with this vinyl release.

To compliment the vinyl we’ve designed a custom die-cut sleeve that pays homage to those original reggae disco bags of the late seventies, each sleeve is individually hand numbered with the pressing being limited to just 250 copies.

The record will be available to buy on Record Store Day April 16th 2011



ARTIST: Josuha Moses / Sharon Bengamin  - Split 7” Vinyl

TITLE: ‘Pretty Girl / Mr.Guy

FORMAT: Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Single, 250 copies as part of Record Shop Day April 16th 2011

LABEL: Bristol Archive Records



RELEASE DATE: 11th April 2011


CONTACT: Mike Darby, E:

The Bristol Reggae Explosion

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983
Kingston, Handsworth, Notting Hill…even Coventry. These are names which spring to mind when you think of ska and reggae in the late ’70s and early ’80s. But, as this CD is pure evidence to, Bristol also had a historic and steadfast reggae scene. This album is a powerful introduction to artists over 14 tracks, each with their own unique take on reggae. There’s a real journey on this album, from Buggs Durrant and his sublime pop sound reminiscent of Donna and Althea, to Joshua Moses in his vocal ‘Africa (Is Our Land)’ for Rastafarian politics. Black Root’s ‘Tribal War’ a close to dub music, heavy and gloriously hypnotic. If you want some grim 1980s socially conscious music, check out Black Roots’ ‘Juvenile Delinquent’, a reference to the infinite rude boy tracks of Trojan Records music in the 1960s. There’s even Live number ‘Wicked Dem’ by Talisman, a uplifting political number in which the lead singer declares anti-racism and pro-CND. “We are no capitalists” the song makes quite clear. So there’s music you can dance to, and music you can smoke to, and music you can get fired up to. Political reggae and fun reggae.

The album is well-crafted, plenty of care gone into flagging up years, writers and record labels to give representation and respect to the original writers. Some of the tracks are rarities, remastered from tapes of limited number vinyl, ensuring this is a delight for any hardcore reggae fantastic to own something long since out-of-print. But it still holds the strong reggae charm of being an album you can simply out on in most environments and let it play through, filling any room in feel-good vibes. The album is wonderfully bookmarked, opening with the early Peter Tosh-sounding Black Roots and their anthem ‘Bristol Rock’, the perfect introduction to a Bristol reggae compilation. But it ends on Talisman’s ‘Dole Age’, leaving the album on the historic note that this scene strived and these songs were written under Thatcherite politics with 3 million unemployed. They serve as documentation of the atmosphere and mood at the time, and evidence as to how they fought back and empowered themselves with music. It’s all too easy to make parallels with 2010 and modern reggae/ska/punk bands but certainly I think in the coming months I’ll be listening to 3D’s ‘Riot’ for a lot more reason than simply historical curiosity.

Taken from:

Album Review

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Various Artists: The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983

A CD that without any apparent effort gives a party and a documentary in the same 74 mins of music. It doesn’t matter that the title years don’t spread evenly over the 14 tracks (just the two Joshua Moses numbers from 1978 & 79 and the rest are 1980-83). Roots reggae predominates and some lovers’ rock keeps the mood sweet in a range of material opening with Black Roots‘s mellow and informative ‘Bristol Rock’ and moving through quintessential examples from Joshua Moses, Talisman, and Restriction. Eight bands and artists are represented, by up to three examples of their work and all are intimately familiar with the ways of reggae music smoking round your brain and tweaking down your backbone. The second half of the album brings in some less mainstream types such as the distinctly Bowie-like ‘Nights of Passion’ by The Radicals ; and Sharon Bengamin’s ‘Mr Guy’ – both capable of making a mark outside the reggae scene ; and the brief, effective 2 min 43 ‘Riot’ from 3-D Production. Other notable pleasures include the upliftingly beautiful keyboard that takes us in and out of Black Roots‘s ‘Tribal War’, the ska warmth of Buggs Durrant’s ‘Baby Come Home’ and the concluding 12 inch mix of Talisman’s’ ‘Dole Age’. Almost everything here is available for the first time since its own era ; and as well as showing how worthy Bristol Reggae is of renewed and wider attention, it tells today’s guitar-soaked public how much we owe to the brass section as trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and trombone conjure rich Jamaican sound out of thin English air.
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Bristol Underground Sounds – JASHWHA MOSES

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Bristol Archive Records are thrilled to announce a distribution deal with Bristol Underground Sounds.

The first release will be the incredible JASHWHA MOSES album ‘NO WAR’ released in March 2011

Available on all digital platforms worldwide and with a single yet to be agreed, this is the RETURN of Jashwha.

Jashwha was born in Clarindon, Jamaica over 50 years ago and his previous releases included ‘Africa Is Our Land’ in 1978 and ‘Pretty Girl’ in 1979. His single ‘Africa’ was produced by Dennis Bovell who has worked with such artists as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown to Shabba Ranks.

These tunes can be found on the Feb 2011 release ‘The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983′ on Vinyl, CD and Digital download


Check for release details and cuts from the related film clips