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News 28th Feb 2009

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Hello folks….

Releases this month on March 2nd include:

The X-Certs album ‘Fussing and Fighting’ and The Harpoons single ‘Tunnel Child/Cindy Storm’

Material pending release:

The Pigs album ’1977′ has been submitted for a release date in May

Track listing is as follows:

Psychopath 2:38 
Ran Me In 
National Front 
They Say 
General Election 
Nuclear Disarmament 
Personality Change 
Give It Ball 
They Shoot Horses Don’t They 

We’ve also submitted a stunning album from The Royal Assassins called ‘Flux’ Recorded by Chris Scott 1982/1983 again release date should be in May

Track listing as follows:

Open Up The Rivers 
Gutless Day 
Ju Ju Man 
River Of Tears 3:17
Quiet Sun 
Song Of A Bullet 
Here Forever 
Big Wheel Hit 

We’ve currently got in the mastering suite:

Gardez Darkx album

Decay Sisters album

Social Security album

Singles from Blue Movies and The Wild Beasts

Tesco Chainsaw Massacre album

Europeans (Live) album

Other news:

We are hoping to finalise the Anagram / Cherry Red Anthology album for THE CORTINAS very soon.

We are transferring material at the moment from The Colortapes and Johhny Britton

We are in the process of launching a Merch section in the site where we will have a range of Bristol Archive T SHIRTS for sale – watch this space!!

We are compiling a ‘Best of Fried Egg Records’ Cd for worldwide release in all normal retail outlets including sleeve notes from Andy Leighton and Gill Loats. The album will include a selection of previously unreleased cuts.

Over and out……..



Fans News

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
You might be interested to know that George and Rob ( THE FANS ) recently discovered some studio takes of 3 Fans songs which were previously only available in live format. They are “Like It Or Not”, “Come On Over” and “You Used To Be” – the tapes are pretty rough so they are in the process of re-recording some parts of them – ‘they are sounding great’ – and should be completed and mastered by end of March.
Rob also sent a message to the Bristol Archive Team – ‘Thanks once again for the Nobu ( Japan ) connection all those years ago – George is particularly chuffed after I tracked him down (he’s been living in SW France for the past 15 years) as the Brahman album with the Fans song “You Don’t Live Here Anymore” as now sold almost 100,000 copies in Japan !
The Fans material can be found available for Download on this site with the two singles for Fried Egg records and a previously unreleased in the UK Album.
It does go to prove that good things do come to those that wait, even since 1977!!!
Over and out…..

February Site Updates:

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Bristol Archive Records February Site Updates


This month we have no new releases to report but we have taken the opportunity to up date the infrastructure of the site and include the start of a new section….


Bands 1982 onwards …. and we start with Strangelove, Maximum Joy, The Flatmates, Brilliant Corners, Claytown Troupe, Rip Rig and Panic, Third Eye Foundation and Mark Stewart and The Mafia. This will be a section dedicated to text only.


We have also included another section ‘VINYL RELEASES’ which will do exactly as it says, report on new Vinyl releases from the Bristol Archive. If you would like to receive information on these proposed releases please email – and merely put ‘TELL ME’ as a header. These releases will be strictly limited edition mail order only 300 – 500 copies max. We will let you know the first in the series very soon.


We have added 15 new mp3’s for your listening pleasure.


Simon Edwards the head of Heartbeat Records has now joined the label. This is a fantastic addition to the team having run his Heartbeat label from 1977 and also the now legendary Riot City Records. Simon brings a huge data base of previously unreleased material but also an in depth knowledge of Bristol music. Simon has been an inspiration to me for many years with his enthusiasm for the era 1977 – 1981 in particular.


We are currently awaiting a decision from The Cortinas on whether or not they want to accept an offer from Cherry Red/ Anagram Records to release The Cortinas Anthology on Cd. The proposed track listing would include on Cd 1 the two Step Forward Records singles and the CBS album ‘Heartache’. Cd 2 would include the two Bristol Archive albums ‘Please Don’t Hit Me’ and ‘For Fucks Sake Plymouth’.


We are in the very early stages of talking to a publisher about writing a book on the Bristol Archive which would include a fantastic picture history of the Bristol music scene 1977 to probably 1985. The book could also include a compilation Cd of the very best from Bristol Archive Records. We are currently looking to talk with various key photographers from this era who may well have great pictures to offer for inclusion. ( if you know of such people please get in touch and we will refer you to Mike Crawford who is heading up the project )


Releases already scheduled for 2nd March:


X-CERTS – ‘Fusing and Fighting’ Album

THE HARPOONS – ‘Tunnel Child’ Single


Releases already scheduled for 6th April:


BLACK FLAMEZ – ‘Live Jam’ Single

BLACK FLAMEZ – ‘Never You Change’ Single

DOMINICA – ‘Independence Fever’ Single

ELECTRIC GUITARS – ‘Health’ Single


ELECTRIC GUITARS – ‘Wolfman Tap’ Single

FELIX DC – ‘You Like What You See’ Single

HASWELL – ‘Prissy Miss Maybe’ Single

SWEET ENERGY – ‘Family Affair’ Single

CREATURE BEAT – ‘She Won’t Dance’ Single

HEAD – ‘Bottled Vintage xxx’ Album

THE SPICS – ‘Midnight Girls’ Album

THE STINGRAYS – ‘Live At The Dug Out 1977’ Mini Album


Further material still currently being mastered and compiled includes:


THE PIGS – ‘1977’ Album



EUROPEANS – Live Album



Over and out….

Cortinas Album Reviews from Germany

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

the Review-Update for January is now online under:


and you will find the following reviews:


THE CORTINAS – „For Fucks Sake Plymouth” 

THE CORTINAS – „Please Don´t Hit Me”   


Have a good day and thanks again for your great support!


Viva Punk Rock, Ralf ( Last Update: Wednesday, 04. February 2009 )
( 3RD on MySpace ) )

Cherry Red Records include Bristol Bands

Sunday, February 1st, 2009
Various Heartbeat Records singles ( circa 1978 – 1980 ) including Apartment feature on Cherry Red’s 30th Anniversary singles collection 1978-1983.

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