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New Reggae Release


                      SPLIT 7” Vinyl – Limited Edition Single

Featuring ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Mr.Guy’

                 Released as part of ‘Record Shop Day’ April 16th 2011

Bristol Archive Records are extremely pleased to announce their participation in the phenomenon that is ‘Record Store Day’ For our contribution we have selected two tracks from our highly popular album “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 – 1983”, (ARC191), and coupled them on a strictly limited seven inch single.

This double A sided release finds us in a mellow mood as we couple Joshua Moses’ “Pretty Girl” with Sharon Bengamin’s “Mr Guy”.

 “Mr Guy” is a lovely slice of lover’s rock and somewhat overlooked when released in 1980 but it has become a firm favourite with us here at Bristol Archive. “Pretty Girl” finds Roots singer Joshua Moses showing his softer side, it was something of a hit on the original release and makes a natural pairing with Sharon’s tune.

Both tracks were originally released as singles on Bristol label Shoc-wave Records some thirty years ago and were given their first digital release with their well deserved inclusion on “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 – 1983”. “Mr Guy” also made it onto the limited vinyl version of the album, but running time constraints meant there was no room for “Pretty Girl” something we a very pleased to rectify with this vinyl release.

To compliment the vinyl we’ve designed a custom die-cut sleeve that pays homage to those original reggae disco bags of the late seventies, each sleeve is individually hand numbered with the pressing being limited to just 250 copies.

The record will be available to buy on Record Store Day April 16th 2011



ARTIST: Josuha Moses / Sharon Bengamin  - Split 7” Vinyl

TITLE: ‘Pretty Girl / Mr.Guy

FORMAT: Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Single, 250 copies as part of Record Shop Day April 16th 2011

LABEL: Bristol Archive Records



RELEASE DATE: 11th April 2011


CONTACT: Mike Darby, E:

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