Riot 3-D Productions ARC185
Back to Ireland 48 Hours ARC130
Admiral Justice Admiral Justice ARC378
Ghosts Airbus ARC312
Bristol Dubs Alfred Mcintosh ARC223
Child of Light Ananda Maya ARC131
Fishfood vs Birth of Sharon Andy Fairley ARC063
Fishfood vs Birth of Sharon Andy Fairley ARC269
Standard Man Animal Magic ARC167
Grip Animal Magic ARC161
Animal Magic Animal Magic ARC206
Live At The Fleece Bristol 1994 Apache Dropout ARC007
Masters Apache Dropout ARC280
Yellow Fever (The Best of Apache Dropout) Apache Dropout ARC322
Hey Dopey Apache Dropout v Omnivore ARC342
House of Secrets Apartment ARC104
Live in Bristol 1980 Apartment ARC338
Hard Object Art Objects ARC049
Me and My Conscience Automatic Dlamini ARC233
Why? Best Boy Electric ARC316
All Square Now Big Square ARC140
Never You Change Black Flamez ARC087
Live Jam (BF Mix) Black Flamez ARC085
Give Me a Try Blak Flamez ARC201
Black Roots Black Roots ARC265
The Reggae Singles Anthology Black Roots ARC219
Pin In The Ocean Black Roots ARC220
All Day All Night Black Roots ARC252
On The Ground Black Roots FOD091V
On The Ground Black Roots ARC265
Mary Jane Blue Movies ARC101
Tell Me That You Love Me Blue Movies ARC217
Live at Arnos Court 1985 Blue Riverside ARC237
Punks on Scooters Books BARC002
Fire It Up Brabazon ARC251
Baby Come Back (Home) Buggs Durrant ARC173
Gonna Make Your Body Get Up Buggs Durrant ARC236
Times Are Getting Harder Bunny Marrett ARC224
I'm Free Bunny Marrett ARC253
Shining Through Burning Sound ARC186
Allergies Bush and Clarke ARC034
Hey, Dad What Do Poets Eat For Tea? C.C. Sager ARC178
Prophylactic Fingertips, Cherry Lips & Other Unsung Songs C.C. Sager ARC179
Blue Powder Cake ARC286
Cruising Can The Panda ARC318
Learn To Love It Cass Carnaby ARC349
Captain Scarlet Cass Carnaby Five ARC188
Careless Ways ep Cellar of Shame ARC293
Avant-Garde Chinese Radio Operators ARC135
Break It Up EP Chunk ARC281
Claytown Troupe Claytown Troupe ARC144
Hey Lord Claytown Troupe ARC305V
Songs of the Swan Claytown Troupe ARC202
The Mercenary Circus Circus ARC200
At the End of the Hallway Cold ARC181
Cold Anger Colortapes ARC048
GBH Demos 1978 Colortapes ARC097
Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto Cool Runnings ARC226
Cool Runnings Cool Runnings ARC248
Playhouse EP Cool Runnings ARC278
Cool Runnings Cool Runnings ARC379V
Speak Copter ARC255
Your War EP Court Martial ARC042
Heartbreaks and Headaches Crazy Trains ARC071
She Won't Dance Creature Beat ARC088
Live Oxford 1981 Creature Beat ARC125
Ever Since You Went Away Dan Ratchet ARC164
Afrikana Policies Dan Ratchet ARC254
Jah Poor People Dan Ratchet ARC256
Compost Dancing Teeth ARC041
Live At Trinity Hall, Bristol 1983 Decay Sisters ARC076
Mystory - I Dehvan ARC163
Raggafunkin Dehvan ARC162
Open Devious ARC304
You Lied To Me Distant Cousins ARC211
Independence Fever Dominica ARC086
Running Dub Don Gordon ARC225
Into Your Country Music Dry ARC072
Brixton Rec Dubkasm ARC262
What More Do You Want In Life Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces ARC346
I’m Not Saying..... I’m Just Saying Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces ARC347
La Classe Difference Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces ARC348
Somebody’s Gonna Have To Tell The King He’s Naked Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces ARC350
Best of Electric Guitars ARC260
Health Electric Guitars ARC080
Wolfman Tap Electric Guitars ARC081
Work Electric Guitars ARC083
Chronicles Essential Bop ARC017
Croaked Essential Bop ARC045
Eloquent Sounds Essential Bop ARC094
Live at The Dirt Club, New Jersey 1981 Essential Bop ARC334
Take Me To The Continent Europeans ARC002
Live 1978 - Bower Ashton College Europeans ARC095
GBH Demos 1978 Europeans ARC098
Voices Europeans ARC129
Esthetics Exit-Stance ARC187
Johnny Runs For Paregoric Exploding Seagulls ARC043
Eyes of The Crowd (1982-1987) Eyes of The Crowd ARC351
Family Connection Family Connection ARC243
Cruising Fair Warning ARC319
The Virgin Land Fear Of Darkness ARC011
Phobia Fear Of Darkness ARC012
Live at The Fleece, Bristol 8th April 1987 Fear of Darkness ARC377
You Like What You See Felix DC ARC079
The Lost Tapes Fresh 4 ARC273V
Sugar God Bless You ARC175
Mountain Queen Gold ARC324
So Much Pain Glen Crooks ARC277
Prissy Miss Maybe Haswell ARC084
Bottled Vintage xxx Head ARC078
Leaving the Island EP Headlines ARC110
The Kids Said Rock Headmaster ARC314
No Where to Run Helden ARC320
Bulldozer Jones Herb Garden ARC166
Can't Stop Running Hey Belaba ARC166
Perfect Day Hope Springs ARC339
Crawl Hunted ARC298
Fallen Angel (The Collection) Hunted ARC300CD
Hunted Hunted ARC301
Dysfunctional Achievement I Am The Door ARC343
One Moment Of Beauty Idiot Sideshow ARC246
Mungaka Makossa Ivory Coasters ARC205
Distant Guns Jashwha Moses MB0005
Songs from the 90's Jo Swan ARC190
Herman's Back Joe Public ARC046
Live at The Avon Gorge, University Union Bristol '78 Joe Public ARC109
Demos Joe Public ARC128
Pretty Girl Joshua Moses ARC180
Rise Up Joshua Moses ARC221
Africa Is Our Land Joshua Moses ARC245
Joshua To Jashwha 30 Years in the Wilderness Joshua Moses ARC250
He Seeks His Revenge Juan Foote 'n' The Grave ARC055
Complete Studio Recordings Kid Sinister ARC016
Unreleased and Live Kid Sinister ARC066
Little Stories King Billy and Marvellous ARC039
Place to Live Kubrick ARC333
Little Eyes Lord John Hutchinson ARC227
It Breaks My Back Losenges ARC058
Welcome To The House Where The Extras Are Free Love Jungle ARC005
Just When You Thought It Was Safe... Love Jungle ARC010
Make Me Special Love Jungle ARC015
Make Me Special – The Ultimate Collection Love Jungle ARC328CD
Demos 1988 / 89 Love Jungle ARC035
Who's in Control - EP Lunatic Fringe ARC149
Strange Little World Mayfair ARC240
Harmonise or Die Me ARC365
21st Century Fossil Me ARC366
Circus Lovehuman Me ARC367
Fecund Haunts Me ARC368
Crows Nightingales SHOCK - Best of Me 1991-1995 Me ARC369
Live Paris ‘La Cigale’ 1993 Me ARC370
Here Comes Everybody Me ARC371
World Peace Now EP Me ARC372
Victims of Testosterone EP Me ARC373
Wake Up! EP Me ARC374
Dark Waters Mercury Rain ARC306
Where Angels Fear Mercury Rain ARC311
St.Matthieu Mercury Rain ARC306
Demos Metropolis DC ARC143
King Of Tears Mike Crawford ARC013
Radio Radio Misdemeanor ARC004
Fall Misdemeanor ARC132
Who's Who? Monk and Canatella ARC229
Selection 2 More Rockers ARC282
Selection 3 More Rockers ARC283
Crescent Studio Demos Moskow ARC099
Ooh, Ah Yeah! Mouth ARC059
Mouth EP Mouth ARC207
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Mouth ARC234
Love House EP Nautical William ARC141
Love EP Nautical William ARC203
Witches Necromancy ARC204
Mountain Lake / Jazz Radio No Deposit ARC073
Noiz Boiz Noiz Boiz ARC257
The Classics Offside ARC335
Demos Our Violet Hour ARC122
The Moonlight Flits Our Violet Hour ARC198
I'm Alone Paul Sandrone ARC215
Above Metal PANTHA ARC321
Best of Pola Pola ARC038
Youthman Mind Popsy Curious ARC235
Pregnant Go Proofing On Venus Pregnant ARC152
Subject Technica (I Must Be Firm Like a Green Banana) Pregnant ARC151
Russian Roulette Recorded Delivery ARC093
Action EP Restriction ARC271V
Jah Praises (British Reggae Unreleased Classics) Revelation Rockers ARC242
A Way With Words (1980-1983) Rimshots ARC382
Integration Rhythmites ARC274CD
Little Boys & Little Girls Rimshots ARC014
Spitting Out Sparks Rimshots ARC114
Call Me Your Girlfriend Rita Lynch ARC029
Story To Tell (Anthology 1988-2011) Rita Lynch ARC288
Good Advice Rita Lynch ARC289
What Am I? Rita Lynch ARC290
Crack On Rita Lynch ARC291
Anti-Social Rita Lynch ARC292
Fire in Your Eyes Savage Heart ARC309
In Rhythm Scream And Dance ARC044
In Rhythm 12" Scream And Dance ARC208
Snake Scream and Dance ARC275
Fruit Salad Scream Secret ARC363
Dream City Second City Sounds ARC168
Sea Culture Sea Culture ARC337
Mr. Guy Sharon Bengamin ARC170
Continuance Shiva ARC299
A Bristol Story Shoc Wave ARC263
Talk Like A Whelk Shoes For Industry ARC008
Spend Shoes For Industry ARC171
Laughbeat Shoes For Industry ARC172
Mike Parks Big Night Out Shrewd! ARC040
Perfect Crime Shrine Of 8 ARC232
Living In The Modern World Siren ARC218
The Voice of The Ocean Sissi (Ft Tammy Payne) ARC358
Ghettos of Your Own Kind Sky High ARC189
The Three Stripe Collection 1985-1990 Smith & Mighty ARC247
Slugweird Sneak Preview ARC062
Arley Hill Social Security ARC106
Live 1993 Southern Cross ARC352
Hookers For Jesus Spasmodics ARC030
Spunk Congo Spunk Congo ARC326
Live Granary Bristol 1978 Stargazer ARC124
Beyond the Skyline Stargazer ARC159
The Changeling Stargazer ARC182
Underworld Startled Insects ARC231
Demos Stereo Models ARC127
Stone River Machine Stone River Machine ARC308
Pride Before a Fall Stormtrooper ARC174
Pride Before A Fall (The Lost Album) Stormtrooper ARC287
ETA Stormtrooper ARC354
Every Now and Then Stormtrooper ARC353
1st EP Streets Ahead ARC230
Stutter Stutter ARC385
Family Affair Sweet Energy ARC082
One Day Sweet Energy ARC156
Nothing Ever Goes (The Way It's Planned) Sweet Revenge ARC169
Dole Age - The 1981 Reggae Collection Talisman ARC199
Dole Age / Free Speech Talisman ARC019
Run Come Girl Talisman ARC020
Takin' The Strain Talisman ARC021
Takin' The Strain Deluxe Edition Talisman ARC241
Glastonbury And Beyond 1980 Talisman ARC032
Live Bath 1981 Talisman ARC033
Cruising Taz Harlem ARC310
Seduction Temple ARC137
Live at the Bear 1978 Tesco Chainsaw Massacre ARC100
Y Skate On Thin Ice (when you can dance) Tony Wrafter & Michelle Pascal ARC244
Into the A.T's The A.T's ARC139
F The Bohana Mouse Band ARC195
Approach The Builders ARC336
The Striking Sound of The Cobras The Cobras ARC330CD
MK 1 The Cortinas ARC115
For Fucks Sake Plymouth The Cortinas ARC031
GBH Demos 1977 The Cortinas ARC103
Please Don't Hit Me The Cortinas ARC037
Summer in The City The Cortinas ARC325
Shelter from the Hard Rain The Delegates ARC112
US and Them - EP The Delegates ARC147
Best of Both Worlds The Dragons ARC272
All I Want The Directors ARC158
Bang! The Driscolls ARC025
Is Nothing Sacred The Escape ARC064
Live in 1982 The Escape ARC331CD
Giving Me That Look In Your Eye The Fans ARC051
You Don't Live Here Any More The Fans ARC052
One Way Or Another The Fans ARC067
The Swamp The Frogmen ARC194
Tunnel Child / Cindy Storm The Harpoons ARC075
Suburban Bourbon The Homecoming ARC105
Loveable Rogue The Honey Thieves ARC355
The Only Fun In Frampton Cotterell The Inane ARC118
Confuoco The Long March ARC096
Live at Barton Hill Youth Club 1977 The Media ARC107
New Blood EP The Media ARC148
Quality Street Ep The Minits ARC317
Knucklehead Reduction Strumming The McAllisters ARC285
Shakedown For The Territory The McAllisters ARC295
The Levitation Day Letters The McAllisters ARC296
Deadwood Chronicles The Montgomery Clifts ARC375
EP The Newbeats ARC294
Alternative Suicide The Numbers ARC113
1977 The Pigs ARC090
Youthanasia The Pigs ARC091
The Posers The Posers ARC133
Live at The Dugout 1977 The Primates ARC108
Live at Barton Hill Youth Club 1977 The Primates ARC115
Oh No! Not These Again! The Psychodaisies ARC345
Shapes of Things to Come The Reaction ARC322
Shapes of Things to Come The Reaction ARC322V
England's Glory The Review ARC024
Flux The Royal Assassins ARC092
Live Thekla Bristol 1985 The Royal Assassins ARC121
Demos The Royal Assassins ARC142
Live in Europe 1990 The Seers ARC176
Live in Bristol 1991 The Seers ARC177
Union of Souls The Shennans ARC193
Wave Bye Bye The Sidneys    ARC116
Secrets The Sidneys ARC146
Midnight Girls The SPICS ARC089
You & Me / Bus Stop The SPICS ARC070
Demos The SPICS ARC145
The Stingrays at the Dugout in 77 The Stingrays ARC077
Countdown The Stingrays ARC053
Never Do The Stingrays ARC192
Keep On Walking The Untouchables ARC047
Walking The Dog The Untouchables ARC117
The Bristol Punk Explosion 1977-1979 Various Artists ARC380V
The Bristol Roots Explosion Various Artists ARC247VRSD
The Bristol Mod Explosion 1979-1985 Various Artists ARC381V
Solo Album The Various Artists ARC003
The Original Mixed Up Kid The Various Artists ARC050
Solo Album (Deluxe Edition) The Various Artists ARC259
Guilty As Charged The Verdict ARC134
Kashmir Twist The Vultures ARC197
Reminisce Vibes ARC264
I Go Wild The Wishing Strom ARC153
The One and Only The Yakometties ARC238
Dance Music The Yakometties ARC239
Hunters And Icemaidens Thin Air ARC027
The Source of Dreams 1982-1984 Thin Air ARC386
Ghosts Tropical Hearts ARC111
The Best of TDR Two Day Rule ARC344
Cave Studio 1980 TVI's ARC069
Just My Love Umo Vogue ARC136
What Ever Happened To Brian? Uncle Po ARC068
Dead Parade Under The Orange ARC340
C1177 The Triangle Unity Station ARC023
Pulling Legs Off Flies Valve ARC157
The Bristol Punk Explosion (1977-1979) Various Artists ARC380
The Bristol Mod Explosion (1979-1987) Various Artists ARC381
The Bristol Punk Explosion Vol 2 (1977-1981) Various Artists ARC383
The Bristol Post Punk Explosion 1978-1982 Various Artists ARC384
The Bristol Post Punk Explosion Vol 2 (1978-1986) Various Artists ARC387
Bristol Boys Make More Noise Various Artists ARC270
The Best of Heartbeat Records Various Artists ARC268
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 1 Various Artists ARC001
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 2 Various Artists ARC356
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 3 Various Artists ARC357
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 4 Various Artists ARC360
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 5 Various Artists ARC361
Western Stars - The Bands That Built Bristol Vol. 6 Various Artists ARC364
E(gg)clectic Various Artists ARC006
SAM Studios Sessions Vol 1 - 1980's Demos Various Artists ARC258
The Bristol Recorder - First Edition Various Artists ARC009
The Bristol Recorder Vol 4 Various Artists ARC327V
Bristol Recorder 2 Various Artists ARC028
The Bristol Roots Explosion Various Artists ARC279
Bristol Beat 1980 Various Artists ARC036
Fried Alive 1980 World Tour EP Various Artists ARC056
The Best of Fried Egg Records (Bristol 1979-1980) Various Artists ARC119
The Bristol Punk Explosion Various Artists ARC154
'The Bristol Reggae Explosion Live' - Various Artists Various Artists ARC267
The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983 Various Artists ARC191
The Bristol Reggae Explosion Part 2 Various Artists ARC228
The Bristol Reggae Explosion Part 3 Various Artists ARC249
The Bristol Reggae Explosion – Best of the 70’s and 80’s Various Artists ARC329CD
The Circus Comes To Town Various Artists ARC196
This Is Pop Out West Various Artists ARC323
Avon Calling Various Artists ARC302CD
Avon Calling 2 Various Artists ARC160
Clash of the Century Various Artists ARC184
Mods, Power Pop, Scooter Boys 1979-1987 Various Artists ARC287
The Bristol Heavy Rock Explosion Various Artists ARC303CD
Music From a Festival Field Various Artists ARC315CD
Darkwave The 80’s - The Dark Side of Bristol Various Artists ARC359
Recreational ‘Get It Right Afro, Dub, Funk and Punk of Recreational Records 81-82’ Various Artists ARC185
Delve Voice of Nature ARC341
Down At The Park EP Vitus Dance ARC362
Crazy Voodoo ARC313
This Is Ha Ha Wadi Vision ARC209
3 Songs Wendy Partridge & Joanna Swan ARC150
Life is a Bum Wild Beasts ARC276
White Hotel White Hotel ARC120
The Mr. Grin Sessions Wushcatte ARC074
Fussing & Fighting X-Certs ARC065
Together X-Certs ARC060
Rated XXX X-Certs ARC138
Way Out West Zapp Stereo ARC222