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Alternative Suicide “(Digital Release)
(Bristol Archive Records /, Release Date: August 31, 2009)
I have just for my internet search found a fat surprise! For 30 years I was firmly of the opinion that the EP “coming rock stars” and the contributions to the ‘Avon Calling’ compilation and the “4 Alternatives” EP from one and the same band. That’s why I was also pleased HELLAUF been when Bristol Archive “announced that one would suit demnaechst thirteen tracks strong digital publishing. Although sounded “Cross-Slide” (from the Avon Calling ‘compilation) and “Alternative Suicide” (from “4 Alternatives”-EP) are not as overwhelming as the five songs on the EP “Rock Stars”, but never I was on the thought came that it might be here for two completely different bands. But just as it is! The numbers from the “Rock Stars” EP came from the vicinity of Sussex. They brought out in June 1979 and only this one single, in a 1000-edition on their own label “Blasto Records. Especially the great mod-punk song “Leather Jacket” was played one time or another when John Peel. And is now one of the remaining four songs to a much sought after “KBD” punk rock single. Numbers in Bristol, however, the fall in direct opposition but from very strong. The two above mentioned songs belong namely the best songs on this release. The rest of the songs from falling into the bottomless. In what information is of “Bowie influnced New Wave”, and that’s clearly true. Only then this is very lame and uninspired played.
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