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The Cortinas Ep Demo Review

“GBH Demos 1977″ (Digital Release)
(Bristol Archive Records /, Release Date: August 31, 2009)
This publication irritates me a little. Is it in yet this is exactly the same first six songs from the release, “Please Do not Hit Me”, with the difference that these photographs were taken here in 1977 and the other in January ’78. Great musical differences, I unfortunately can not really say. The Cortinas are anyway quite a strange career in her short time of being together had developed. First they took in March 1977, their smash-killer single with the song “Fascist Dictator” and “Families on Television.” Then there were a few months later, at around the holiday season, a damn good successor with “Defiant Pose” and the B-side “Independence”. Also said to have been received this year from a very appealing John Peel Sessions. Yes, and you think that this young snot-band 1978 as well as stunningly good weitermacht as before. But Pustekuchen. With the shift from “Step Forward” to “CBS” made a disappointing u-turn when she first tried as a rhythm & blues cover band. But I’ve got it all written down at length in the meeting on “Please Do not Hit Me” release in January Update 2009th
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