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Social Security Album Review

“Arley Hill” (Digital Release)
(Bristol Archive Records /, Release Date: August 31, 2009)
And once again, the “Bristol Archive label” another great moment on “iTunes” immortalized. This is for demo tracks that were removed in 1977 in the ‘GBH Studios “by Steve Street, and Simon Edwards. Social Security should be on Simon Edwards label Heartbeat Records in ’78, the first volume, which published a single. This was added in 2005 to the bonus CD for “Avon Calling ‘compilation release on Cherry Red Records Singles Collection with the rest of the years 1978 to 1981. On the two songs the band plays the very typical and at the time widely Schrammel-punk rock sound, which is now under the name “Killed By Death” familiar. John Peel had the single on the course in the program, which had escaped me, but at that time. In memory I have spontaneously left 48 HOURS, THE NUMBERS and APARTMENT. Social Security have a similarly tough approach to their songs like the CORTINAS, meanwhile, the CORTINAS, however, have received in their early days but the better songs about. As Stolperfallen punk you can, give what the total of 13 songs certainly be described. So, a little wobbly but holds for the season one but very brave. Some songs I would have wished happy times in a better studio production. The faster songs such as “User” and “Stella” who have it done to me particularly. Because that go directly to the trained ear, punk rock! True schoen snotty argued sounded so punk rock in 1977 in Bristol. But, as was customary at that time dozens of bands that made only a single, and received maybe with a little luck, some good demos in an acceptable quality, it was only a matter of time before they would go their separate ways. Social Security because, unfortunately, were no exception!
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