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The Best of Fried Egg Records – Album Review Number 2

Best of Fried Egg Records[Bristol 1979-1980]

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Eggs, bacon, sausages and all the trimmings on this brilliant compilation.

Given the fact that this record spans little over a year of output from a small Bristol independent label with a snigger-worthy name, coupled with an irrational scepticism of compilations at the best of times, I consequently wasn’t holding out much hope for The Best of Fried Egg Records. Imagine my surprise then when this turned out to be a wonderful little eye-opener to what sounds like a vivacious, talented and eclectic late 1970s scene.

With too many great tracks to itemise, a few highlights should set the scene. Honourable mention for best lyric goes to the wonderfully sardonic ‘Invasion of the French Boyfriends’ by Shoes for Industry, featuring hilarious, borderline xenophobia such as “smelly cigarettes were hanging limply from their Gallic lips”, whilst the award for most faithful Police and Jam impressions go to The Fans (on ‘Following You’) and The Wild Beasts (chortle) respectively. Meanwhile, the influence on today’s music is virtually omnipresent – for Art Objects’ ‘Hard Objects’ read Art Brut, for The Stingrays’ ‘Exceptions’ read The Drums. Final mention goes to the peerless jangle-pop of best track ‘The Original Mixed Up Kid’ by The Various Artists. And there’s plenty more worth hearing besides. Perhaps most vital to the success of this comp is that the bands seem exude a freshness and naivety often bereft of today’s media and promotion-sanitised output; they just don’t ‘em like this these days. Essential listening.


Gang of Four, The Jam, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Wire

James Lachno

Taken from Subba Cultcha

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