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Sorry we didn’t have an update in August but we’ve more than made up for it this month with loads of new action.


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New Releases – Worldwide on all digital platforms 31st August 2009.


ARC103 – THE CORTINAS – ‘GBH Demos 1977’


Previously unreleased demos recorded by Steve Street and Ange Peters at the legendary GBH Studios, St.Pauls Bristol in 1977.


Mastered by Steve Street


ARC105 – THE HOMECOMING – ‘Surburbon Bourbon’


Demos from Hope Management Ltd -  Leon Alexander’s band.


The Homecoming came in two parts. The only two consistent members
were Leon Alexander and guitar player Rich Lee. Part one was based
around the songwriting partnership of Leon and Xavier Leret
( who is now a filmmaker and writer; Part Two
came when Xav left to go to Drama School and was replaced by
Vinnie Cannon who went on to become the Authourity on any country
influenced guitar playing joining the Steve Payne band and Martin
Moss & Chrissie Hammond after the Homecoming fizzled out in 1988.
As the dance revolution hit full force
Leon formed The One Love
Foundation from its ashes he is now a MD of The Hope Music Group.


Mastered by Steve Street


ARC106 – SOCIAL SECURITY – ‘Arley Hill’


Recorded in 1977 and never before made available.


These are a collection of very rare demos and radio session tracks lovingly mastered by Steve Street with the full support and input of the 1977 band..


Meanwhile Si had started working in a small independent record shop owned by Bristol’s infamous Tony Dodd. I was sat at home one day minding my own business when Si turned up at my house after work with two singles under his arm; Anarchy in the U.K. and New Rose. He put them on the record player with an evil glint in his eye and a smirk that looked horribly dangerous, he placed the arm of the player on the rotating vinyl and we waited. Is she really going out with him?

And that was it really, from that point on we were fucked…………..


ARC107 – THE MEDIA – ‘Live at Barton Hill Youth Club 1977’


Recorded by Simon Edwards live in 1977 and Mastered by Steve Street.


Released with the permission of Simon Edwards


In the wide open spaces of Clifton live The Media.  Which is fairly surprising, seeing that Clifton is full of OAP’s, trendies and intellectuals.  Not the type of area that a ‘new wave’ band might revolve themselves around.  But it holds one of the best ‘new wave’ bands in Bristol.


The Media are a five piece band, who base their music directly around the guitar and strong tunes.  Their music is extremely energetic and perfect for live performances: in fact, the perfect live band.  The band seem to have a great understanding with each other in their playing and projection of their songs.  The rhythm section is tight and the guitars intermingle beautifully.  The vocals take pride of place: a mixture of the nonsensical, amorous, ordinary and serious.


And that’s all pretty good really, when you realise the band, in its present form, have only been together since February of this year.  The line-up is now, Bob – (vocals, 20), John – (guitar, vocals 20), Nick – (guitar – 20), Rachel – (bass, vocals, 18), and Thos – (drums – 24).  They all look extremely normal; Rachel being a surrogate Siouxsie.


ARC108 – THE PRIMATES – ‘Live at the Dug Out Club Bristol 1977’


Recorded live by Simon Edwards and mastered by Steve Street.


The Line up:

Johnny Britton – Guitar, Voice

John Shennan – Bass, Voice

JJ – Drums

Released with the permission of Johnny Britton.

ARC109 – JOE PUBLIC – ‘Live at Bristol University 1978’

Recorded live by Simon Edwards and mastered by Steve Street.

I went to Cotham School from 1974-1979- it was an awful place academically but an inspirational place if you were a young musician.

There were members of the Cortinas and the Pop Group –two years older than me- and after seeing the Cortinas supporting Television and Blondie at the Colston Hall in 1977 and then seeing band members back in the playground the next day!-I decided that, this was going to be my life.

I was still at Cotham School when this version of Joe Public was formed- but there had been an earlier version with Philip Price (later of the Untouchables) on drums and Julian Griffiths on bass together with singer Kevin Leadbetter- we had done a couple of Steve Street demos and a few gigs courtesy of John Hewitt of New Bristol Records,the highlight of which was supporting Generation X at the Yate Stars and Stripes Club.

We were all at the age when you decide to leave school to get a job or stay on and this is the reason that I lost this rhythm section.

Shortly after this, I met Sean McLusky who had moved to Bristol to attend Bower Ashton Art College-he was stopping people in the street that looked likely to be musicians to invite them to a rehearsal/jam  that he had organised with a view to getting himself into a band.

He ran into myself-a fellow nutcase dressed in a sixties suit on a boiling hot July day 1978 and that was the beginning of a partnership that lasted through fourteen years and several acts (Johnny Britton, Subway Sect, JoBoxers, Sandie Shaw & If?).

Sean quickly recruited bassman Mike Smith who he had played with before in the Midlands- they were both excellent musicians and we became a very tight outfit.

We played wherever we could, and cut two records (Hotel Rooms and Hermans back) before splitting-in those days everyone swapped girlfriends and bands every few months!

I later formed another version with John Shennan (The Spics) on vocals and Geoff Allsop (Glaxo Babies-see what I mean!) on drums and we put out a live recording on The Bristol Recorder.

I was still only eighteen and by now I had played everywhere in Bristol (at least twice) and I felt the need to move on, so when I got a call from (the Bernie Rhodes managed) Johnny Britton (formerly of the Primates) in 1980 inviting me to move to London to play for him, I was off like a hare (still there 29 years later).

Nearly everyone that I had known in Bristol joined me within a year, sadly breaking up most of the bands from that era in the process.

Ten years later in 1988, Kevin Leadbetter was signed to Virgin France under the solo name ‘Euston Jones’ and this line-up reformed in Paris and we spent a hilarious month rehearsing and recording an album.

I am still in touch with Kevin, Mike and Sean-my good mates.

(Rob Marche)

Released with the permission of Rob March and Mike Smith

ARC110 – HEADLINES – ‘Leaving The Island’ep

 Recorded at Sound Conception by Kenny Wheeler circa 1977/78

Headlines was the first “rock” band formed by Martin Moss who had previously
played in the acoustic/folk environment.

The first incarnation was:

Martin Moss, Guitar Vocals.
Harris Northover, Guitar.
Colin Hendy, bass.
Rob John, Drums.
Colin was replaced by Gregg King, who also added Harmonies.

They recorded four tracks at Sound Conception for which they brought in
Guitarist Larry Newman, later of Chase The Fade.
After which Guitarist Mike Kimber was added.

Mastered by Steve Street.

Released with the permission of Martin Moss


Tropical Hearts Line-up(s)Sian


Ellis-Thomas. Vocals.
Ali Daw. Vocals.
Paul Smith. Bass. Replaced by Phil Francis.
John Simpson. Drums, percussion. Replaced by Will Ng. Replaced by Franko
Ted Fitzgerald. Keyboard. (final line-up only)


and Ali were
working on a separate project but were convinced to join.
Paul left for a spell of VSO and was replaced by Phil Francis.
John opted out and later joined Chase The Fade, to be replaced by Will Ng,
who went on to join Head, and was replaced by Franko Tizi.
For the last leg of the band’s existence Ted Fitzgerald was recruited on
Tropical Hearts disbanded after one last push, recording Three tracks at The
Wool hall with
Steve Street
Engineering/producing and a final gig at what
was then called The Studio.
Known musical activities of members:.
Martin Moss. The Whole Band, The Loose String Band and MHW.
Rob Williams. Wise Children, MHW.
Paul Smith. The Whole Band, Kate McLaren Trio.


Mastered by Steve Street.

Released with the permission of Martin Moss


ARC112 – THE DELEGATES –‘Shelter From The Hard Rain’


Now then: 1987, 4 blokes travelled from Pontypridd to set up camp in Bristol to become rock stars.


Pete Gould, (little Pete) Pete Giles (Big Pete), Jon Sharp and Dave Salisbury found various bedsits in the city and set about world domination.


Drinking one afternoon in the Bierkeller, they came across Nick Gutfreund playing pool. He could play saxophone, he also had a company estate car and could build the best combustibles whilst driving. He was in, The Delegates were born.


Mastered by Steve Street

Thanks to Pete Giles for all his help and permission


ARC113 – THE NUMBERS – ‘Alternative Suicide’


Nick McAuley
Angelo Bruschini
Wayne Kingston
Lee Gardener

Bowie influnced new wave – way ahead of their time. The band recorded for Heartbeat Records, regrettably their only output at the time was a track on the Avon Calling LP and another on the 4 Alternatives EP. Angello Bruschini later joined the Rimshots, The Blue Aeroplanes and currently plays guitar with Massive Attack.

This album has been compiled from demos recorded by Steve Street at GBH Sudios and kept by Simon Edwards of Heartbeat Records, we thank Simon for granting permission to use the tracks plus Alternative Suicide and Cross Slide from the Heartbeat back catalogue.

Massive thanks to Wayne Kingston and Angello Bruschini for agreeing to the album being released.

Mastered by Steve Street July 2009

Released with the permission and support of Angello, Wayne and Lee


ARC114 – THE RIMSHOTS – ‘Spitting Out Sparks


It’s a weird feeling writing this biog because for months now I’ve been pleading, begging or just plain asking musicians from the dark era (1977 onwards) to write stories for me to go along side their re releases on the Archive. Some people find it extremely easy others have only got not only writers block but also a COMPLETE MEMORY BLOCK!


Let’s see what I can remember about THE RIMSHOTS.


We came from North Avon as it was known back then in the late 70’s, most of us went to the same school, The Ridings High in Winterbourne. I’d formed the original line-up straight after my school band Mike and The Mole men had split up and we rehearsed in a Scout Hut in Coalpit Heath, funny enough right across the road from Speed’s house who was later to form a great Bristol Goth band – Necromancy…………………


Released and compiled by Mike Darby




There are no new videos this month but we will have Talisman coming your way in the coming months from RPM. If anyone reading this news has any VHS or Betamax videos at home with Bristol bands on them please get in touch and we will digitalise them for you.




Many new pictures added to the individual releases but we always looking for more – please get in touch – we are still working on a book on the scene 1977 – 1984 but we need more fab pics and the input of some of the top photographers in Bristol during that era.

Please get in touch




Amazing stories added from………


BRISTOL BEAT by Martin Elliott


I moved to Bristol in 1976 to attend Bristol Polytechnic or as it is known now, UWE.  I had lived in Devon during my teen years and had promoted bands (mainly school associates) in town and village halls.  I provided the music in-between the bands with my double vinyl decks and 100 watts of power.  One summer gig raised an audience of over 400 people – not bad for a promoter aged sixteen.


So, I was keen to pursue more musical activities on arriving in Bristol.  Attending gigs was vital and gradually I met like minded folk, musicians, record shop assistants and those keen to become local label makers.  The days were exciting since the punk and new wave buzz was having a dramatic effect on the burgeoning local bands and you sensed it might spill over to bigger things.  At UWE I had a DJ Friday evening residency where I would play the new wave favourites – Eddie & The Hotrods, Clash, Jam, Buzzcocks, Dr. Feelgood, local bands such as The Cortinas, Social Security and even slyly interplay fast r’n’b from the ‘sixties (Rolling Stones, Who and Pretty Things) but you still needed the disco favourites to appease the crowd.  So I felt it was time to get back into promoting bands and I needed a venue.  It was the summer of 1979…….



I’ve been promising Mr Archive some words on Fried Egg Records for some months now. I started but couldn’t finish, writer’s block of some kind.  Just how far back do you go in your mind to get to the origins of something you started 30 years ago ?  The wind up gramophone your granny bought you when you were 9 years old. The best concert you ever saw in your life – The Stax Roadshow (Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Arthur Conley, Booker T and the MG’s et al) at the Colston Hall when you were 16 years old ?  the list could continue, mixing love of music and Bristol but it was something posted (Thanks Dave Alex Riddett) on Facebook yesterday that reminded me of what was probably the true spark of Fried Egg Records. Some photos taken at the Ashton Court FREE Festival 1977 of The Crystal Theatre of the Saint’s musical set being interrupted by the ‘Spivs from Space’, a street theatre pisstake of Close Encounters. It was the first time Crystal Theatre had incorporated a band into their theatrical repertoire, one of those seminal moments, and I wasn’t even there…..




PDF Downloads of Daves fanzine featuring interviews with PIGBAG, SHOES FOR INDUSTRY, MAXIMUM JOY,ELECTRIC GUITARS AND TALISMAN






Martin was a key person involved with The Bristol Recorder albums circa 1980 and now books the bands for the Glastonbury Festival




The Wild Bunch / Massive Attack – KEY FIGURE!


Great interview taken from the K7 Records website




The Wild Bunch were a sound system outfit based in the St Pauls district of Bristol, England from 1983 to 1986. The group was renowned for playing sets that drew large crowds on the club scene and had performed shows as far away as London. They performed in soundclashes against other Bristol sound systems. The Wild Bunch’s sound incorporated a wide and disparate variety of musical styles – an unusual thing at the time. Their shows included elements of punk, R&B and reggae, with a focus on slower rhythms and ambient electronic atmospheres that would become a cornerstone of the Bristol sound, more popularly known as trip-hop. They were a key member of what became the Bristol underground scene.



Story written by Pete – Bristol Blues and Roots


Born in the multiracial mash-up of it’s riotous inner city zone St Pauls, Bristol’s music scene fused a potent brew of reggae and punk, wrapped itself in maternal bass for protection and sailed into the future with Smith & Mighty, The Wild Bunch and more……….




Eight new MP3’s added to the site




New information added on the following Bristol Record Labels:









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Information added on one of Bristols favourites – THE MOONFLOWERS


BANDS 1979 – 1981


CHAOS UK added:


Chaos UK are an English hardcore punk band formed in 1979 in Portishead,near Bristol. They played fast sloppy hardcore punk rock initially. Consisting of Simon on vocals Andy on guitar Kaos on bass and Potts on drums (although they have been through many different line ups over the years with Kaos and Gabba as the only consistent members). Their lyrics deal with topics such as unemployment, economic recession, drinking, killing babies, distrust of government, the police, and authority in general.






THE BEST OF FRIED EGG RECORDS ( Bristol 1979-1980)


The Stingrays play in Bristol again supporting Subway Sect at The Thunderbolt Saturday September 12th – not to be missed is the other support band – THE PIGS ( They haven’t played together since 1977) check it out at

We are currently working on a series of cd releases for the new year

The Best of Fried Egg Records (Bristol 1979-1980) sleeve notes by Andy Leighton

Avon Calling 2 – compiled by Simon Edwards as the follow to the now legendary first album

Bristol – The Punk Explosion





That’s all folks.


Mike and the team.


All the updates should be live on the site mid September at the latest


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