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Reggae Releases 2012

Just to give you an idea of what’s coming up in 2012 :


Joshua Moses ‘Africa is Our Land/Home (Dub)’ 12″ Limited edition Single ROOTS/DUB 1978

Joshua Moses ‘ Rise Up/Rise Up(Dub)’ 12″ Limited Edition Single ROOTS/DUB 1983


Talisman ‘Takin The Strain – Deluxe Edition’ CD ( British Reggae Lost Classics Series) ROOTS/REGGAE 1984

Revelation Rockers ‘Jah Praises’ Vinyl LP ( British Reggae Unreleased Classics Series) ROOTS 1979

The Bristol Reggae Explosion 3 The 80′s Part 11 CD and Vinyl LP ROOTS/REGGAE/DUB THE 80′S


Cool Runnings ‘Cool Runnings’ CD (British Reggae Unreleased Classics Series) ROOTS/LOVERS ROCK 1983-1985 (POSSIBLE VINYL LP DEPENDING ON DEMAND)

Joshua Moses ‘Joshua to Jashwha – 30 Years In The Wilderness’ (British Reggae Unreleased Classics Series) ROOTS ANTHOLOGY 1978-2003


Dan Ratchet album

Handsome and The Vibes album

Vibes Album

Black Roots ‘All Day All Night’ reissue album (subject to confirmation)

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