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Original Rockers

Just finished reading this new book on Revolver Records by Richard King. Richards recollections on the shop, its impact on our community but also nationally with the distribution company and the record label. Here’s a buy link:

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  1. Martin Langford Says:

    Several of us have rather different recollections of Revolver and Rick’s role, many of us would like to discuss his book in depth and the way his recollection differs so much from those of other people who worked there and spent more hours than was healthy within it’s confines. Also nice to see another newly invented Reggae fan appropriating it’s terminology as well, a nice touch, I doubt Rick knew what a dubplate was in his Revolver days. On a positive note Bristol Archive will be releasing new and back catalogue music from Foehn who played a far greater part in the Revolver story as well as being one of Bristol’s least known musical pioneers.

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