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Magic Muscle Album

K30We are working on a Magic Muscle album with Huw Gower – an exciting twist for Bristol Archive Records as go back in time from 1977 to the early 70′s and Psychedelic Rock Man.

More news soon

Photo by John Spink


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3 Responses to “Magic Muscle Album”

  1. jillo wisternoff Says:

    i was there … i was the girlfriend of micky b, who was the ‘roady’ as well as another thing (lol) … i have photos …

  2. suzy weiss Says:

    well I say:im suzy weiss I was there too, lived with big pete for a while,shared a house with john spink above ian and suzy, My memory I wonder why is so very vague, jill;how come micky was known as micky B,now i see Wisternoff,i living 6 miles from B righton.and if anyone from those days and our scene is anywhere near come see me and get in touchim hopless with internet, il,l put my t elo no here but dont knows if its cool.So please someone tell where to tread next..had 3 kids in the end,and when they were old enough for me to beable to think for myself again,iwent off to solstice at stone hendge[and fly almost a line from buffalo springtfield,expecting to dream]and flyand m any many times looked for farmhouse,From Wincanton area , midsummer nortonarea anddrove from bristol through temple cloud,trying to retrackyouh all and the little lanes we,d take .to no availid ask people around country lanes….in farmhousesetc closest i got an older guy than me!!!thought mayb e Iain had died and tha\t suzy had move,if t to Bristol,so sorry and sad for u lovly suzy

  3. Pete Feenstra Says:

    I saw Magic Muscle in the early 70′s playing the Arnold and Carlton College of Further Education in Nottingham.

    Being one of only 3 hippies at the gig, I loved the band’s psychedelic set, which was just as well as they cleared the rest of the room.

    Had a chat with them afterwards, which somehow led me to another bunch of freaks called 9.30 Fly and a free festival in Bristol.

    Happy days

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