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Release we think will be June 2010


1.       Defiant Pose – The Cortinas (The Cortinas 1977) (p) Step Forward Music
2.       National Front- The Pigs (Kit Gould 1977) (p) New Bristol Music
3.       I Don’t Want My Heart To Rule My Head – Social Security (Social Security 1978) (p) Heartbeat Music/Cherry Red Music
4.       Youthanasia -  The Pigs (Kit Gould 1977) (p) New Bristol Music
5.       Choc Ice – Social Security (Social Security 1978) (p) Heartbeat Music/Cherry Red Music
6.       Good Advice – The Posers (The Posers 1978) (p) copyright control
7.       New Blood – The Media (J Britton 1978) (p) copyright control
8.       Generation Warfare (Live) – The Primates (Britton, Shennan, JJ 1977) (p) copyright control
9.       Fight Back – The X-Certs (S Justice 1978) (p) copyright control
10.      A Soldier (Demo) – 48 Hours (A Peters 1979) (p) copyright control
11.     IRA Man – The Verdict (The Verdict 1978) (p) copyright control
12.     Stop The Fussing And The Fighting – The X-Certs (Culture 1979) (p) copyright control
13.     Resurrection – Vice Squad (Bateman, Bond 1981) (p) Heartbeat Music/Cherry Red Music
14.     Complete Disorder – Disorder (Allen, Curtis 1981) (p) Complete Music
15.     Four Minute Warning – Chaos UK (Greenham 1982) (p) Heartbeat Music/Complete Music
16.     Gotta Get Out – Court Martial (Burrough, Burrough, Braybrooke, McPherson 1982) (p) Heartbeat Music / Complete Music
17.     It’s Corruption – The Undead (Hamm, Hamm, Denning, Scarlet, Simmonds 1982) (p) Heartbeat Music/Complete Music
18.     Who’s In Control? – Lunatic Fringe (Finch 1982) (p) Heartbeat Music / Complete Music
19.     Who Killed E.T? (I Killed The Fucker!) – Chaotic Dischord (Chaotic Dischord 1983) (p) Heartbeat Music / Complete Music
20.     Thermo Nuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth – Onslaught (Onslaught 1983) (p) Irate Music Publishing

Track 1 originally released on Step Forward Records 1977
Tracks 2 and 4 originally released on New Bristol Records 1977
Tracks 3 and 5 originally released on Heartbeat Records 1978
Tracks  6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12 all previously unreleased
Tracks 13, 15, 16, 17, 19 all previously released on Riot City Records and licenced from Captain Oi!  Records 2010
Tracks 14 previously released on Disorder Records 1981
Track 18 previously released on Resurrection Records 1981, never re-released or made available
Track 20 previously unreleased until 2008 when it appeared on the Candlelight Records album Shadow Of Death.

Track 1 Engineered by Simon Humphrey, A Turner, Copeland, Cortina Production
Tracks 2and 4 Engineered by Chris David and Produced by The Pigs at Sound Conception
Tracks 3 and 5 Engineered and Produced by Simon Edwards at GBH
Tracks 6, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17 Engineered and Produced by Steve Street at SAM
Track 7 Engineered by Roger Wall at The Facility
Track 8 Recorded live by Simon Edwards
Track 10 Recorded at Duffys Anerley
Track 18, 19, 20 Engineered by Steve Street and Produced by Shane and Dave for S.A.D Productions at SAM
Track 13 Engineered by Andy Allen and Produced by Vice Squad at Cave
Track 14 Engineered by Andy Allen and Produced by Disorder at Cave
Track 15 Engineered by Andy Allen and Produced by Chaos UK at Cave

All tracks re-mastered by Steve Street Feb 2010



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