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You might be interested to know that George and Rob ( THE FANS ) recently discovered some studio takes of 3 Fans songs which were previously only available in live format. They are “Like It Or Not”, “Come On Over” and “You Used To Be” – the tapes are pretty rough so they are in the process of re-recording some parts of them – ‘they are sounding great’ – and should be completed and mastered by end of March.
Rob also sent a message to the Bristol Archive Team – ‘Thanks once again for the Nobu ( Japan ) connection all those years ago – George is particularly chuffed after I tracked him down (he’s been living in SW France for the past 15 years) as the Brahman album with the Fans song “You Don’t Live Here Anymore” as now sold almost 100,000 copies in Japan !
The Fans material can be found available for Download on this site with the two singles for Fried Egg records and a previously unreleased in the UK Album.
It does go to prove that good things do come to those that wait, even since 1977!!!
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