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Digital album released today.

Sometime in the mid 1990’s just before a rash of bands that became known as ‘GFB’s’ (girl fronted bands) appeared I picked up my guitar and wrote some tunes, Some proper tunes. The kind of songs that last three minutes, are played on bass, guitar and a drum kit and have verses and chorus and a middle eight. This collection is most of those songs. At the time Deb’ Haynes, ex singer with the wonderful Flatmates and I were living together. Just around the corner lived drummer and multi instrumentalist Jez Butler (Groove Farm, Beatnick Filmstars, The Twelve Hour Foundation) and Rupert Taylor (Groove Farm, Girl Boy Girl ). We were CAKE!

After some encouraging noises from local promoters (thanks to Dave Brayley and Merv Woolford) and a nice mention by John Peel in his Guardian review of Sound City in Bristol 1995, we spent some time in the rehearsal room and did some recordings. You will hear hints of The Small Faces / The Kinks / The Who / Neil Young and that’s no accident. We were happy with the results and duly sent of our lovingly prepared C60’s to labels / press / agents etc. Guess what happened. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Oh well never mind.

We carried on swapping bass players several times until we found Ian Green (Fuzz against Junk). We played some great gigs. Some not so great and have the songs here to show for it. Listening back I think they still sound good. I hope you enjoy them.
(Howard Purse – May 2016)


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13 Responses to “CAKE – ‘BLUE POWDER’”

  1. Max Crabb Says:

    This album is listed on spotify and other services as being released by Cake, fronted by John McCrae. Not sure how that happened but it has a few people confused.

  2. Jorge Castillo Says:

    are you guys seriously going by the band name “Cake” ?… like the same name as the world wide popular band of the exact same name that’s existed since 91? ….

  3. Jeremy Says:

    How was this even allowed to be released with the band name “Cake”? There is already a band named Cake, and this is not them. A LOT of us got excited seeing this pop up on Amazon and Google Play, because it was listed with the other albums from the real band Cake.

  4. Paul Nuchi Says:

    Yes. Spotify has the album as if were performed by Cake. Very weird start listening and then discover that it is not a Cake album

  5. Mr Name Says:

    Yes, if you want to steal a band name, please at least pick an inactive band. Furthermore, if you still feel the need to steal a band name instead of just making up a new one (there are lots of words in the English dictionary, this is not rocket science), at least bother making decent music. Even after realizing this was not the REAL cake, I probably would have given it a shot if it was not absolutely terrible. Better luck next time!

  6. Tim Bivans Says:

    Hey, why are you called Cake? You know there’s a U.S. band that has been around for years with the same name right? Jeez.

  7. Dave Thomas Says:

    Wow this is shiesty

  8. Corky St. Clair Says:

    what a dick move stealing a much better bands name.

  9. Guy Mondo Says:

    Hey, good luck with your music! Pay no attention to the boneheads who think you “stole” your name. There are, at least, four bands called “Cake” two of them predate the band that sang “Never There” by 15 years.

  10. matthew james Says:

    What a load of stupid responses. Before the mediocre US band called Cake started, there was already a Dutch band called Cake who had released 6 singles from 1977. And how about the 60s New York band ‘The Cake’? Discogs lists 16 bands called Cake – I’m afraid these days after 60 years of Rock Music there will be very few unique names left.

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    […] Cake (UK) – Blue Powder (Read the article I mentioned here.) […]

  12. ken bloom Says:

    lots of comments and I agree with those that are angry because it is not CAKE. Isn’t this name trademarked and can’t this new Cake be sued for using it? Common law trademark rights have already been established by simply using the mark in commerce (for the past 20+ years). Disagree with Matthew that after 60 years there will be very few unique names left. Check any playlist or new release list for thousands of new names this year alone.

  13. Ian Green Says:

    This (UK) Cake were formed in 1991 – almost exactly the same time as the U.S. band. So no stealing names there.
    The original band named Cake were (as Matthew James notes above) an all girl trio formed in 1966.
    Get a grip people !

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