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Bristol Boys Make More Noise Tracklisting – The Soundtrack

Limited edition pressing of 450 cds, numbered, 44 page booklet, sleeve notes by Thomas Brooman – release date 6th October 2014

1.    Magic Muscle: Free As A Bird

2.    The Cortinas: Defiant Pose

3.    The Spics: You And Me

4.    Gardez Darkx: Bliss

5.    The Radicals: Nights Of Passion

6.    Talisman: Run Come Girl

7.    The X-Certs: Queen And Country

8.    The Media: New Blood

9.     Joe Public: Yellow Runs Forever

10.  The Spics: Angels In The Rain

11.  Sneak Preview: Slugweird

12.  The Various Artists: Unlucky In Love

13.  The Various Artists: Time Of My Life

14.  The Stingrays: Exceptions

15.  The Untouchables: Keep On Walking

16.  Wendy Partridge & Joanna Swan (The Spics): Fire

17.  Shoes for Industry: Sheep Dog Trial In A Babylon

18.  C.C. Sager: Deathbed Lullaby

19.  The Fabulous Ratbites From Hell: Sparkle

20.  Dragons: Best Of Both Worlds


Bonus Tracks:


21.  The Vultures: She’ll Be Back

22. The Sidneys: Bleak Grey Skies

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