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Black Roots Album released September 5th 2011

 Bristol Archive Records will release on September 5th 2011 ‘The Reggae Singles Anthology’

The Deluxe Edition CD will come with a DVD of the bands performance at the Studio in 1986

Also we have a Double Vinyl album with excluisve insert


  1. BRISTOL ROCK                                    4.15                 (Bunny Marrett/Arranged by Black Roots) 1981
  2. TRIBAL WAR                                       4.22                  (Black Roots)1981
  3. THE FATHER                                       3.30                  (Black Roots)1981
  4. THE SYSTEM                                       3.58                  (Bunny Marrett/Arranged by Black Roots)1981
  5. CHANTING FOR FREEDOM              8.45               (Black Roots)1981
  6. CONFUSION                                       3.28                 (Black Roots)1981
  7. WHAT THEM A DO                            5.57                (Black Roots)1981
  8. THE FRONTLINE                                 3.43                 (Black Roots)1984
  9. MOVE ON                                           6.07                  (Black Roots)1983
  10. JUVENILE DELINQUENT                   4.23                (Black Roots)1984
  11. STRUGGLING                                     5.14                 (Black Roots)1984
  12. SEEING YOUR FACE                          4.17                 (Black Roots)1986
  13. CONMAN                                           3.22                   (Black Roots)1986
  14. PIN IN THE OCEAN                           6.38                 (Black Roots)1987
  15. SUZY WONG                                      4.57                 (P. Ecclestone)1987
  16. START AFRESH                                      5.55               (Black Roots)1988


Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,12,13,14,15 and 16 Originally released on Nubian Records, track 8 originally released on BBC Records, track 9 originally released on Silvertown, tracks 10 and 11 originally released on Kick Records.



Side A

  1. BRISTOL ROCK                                    4.15                 (Bunny Marrett/Arranged by Black Roots) 1981
  2. TRIBAL WAR                                       4.22                  (Black Roots)1981
  3. THE FATHER                                       3.30                  (Black Roots)1981
  4. THE SYSTEM                                       3.58                  (Bunny Marrett/Arranged by Black Roots)1981


Side B

  1. CHANTING FOR FREEDOM              8.45               (Black Roots)1981
  2. CONFUSION                                       3.28                 (Black Roots)1981
  3. WHAT THEM A DO                            5.57                 (Black Roots)1981
  4. THE FRONTLINE                                 3.43                 (Black Roots)1984


Side C

  1. MOVE ON                                           6.07                  (Black Roots)1983
  2. JUVENILE DELINQUENT                   4.23                (Black Roots)1984
  3. STRUGGLING                                     5.14                 (Black Roots)1984
  4. SEEING YOUR FACE                          4.17                 (Black Roots)1986


Side D

  1. CONMAN                                           3.22                   (Black Roots)1986
  2. PIN IN THE OCEAN                           6.38                 (Black Roots)1987
  3. SUZY WONG                                      4.57                  (P. Ecclestone)1987
  4. START AFRESH                                      5.55               (Black Roots)1988


Tracks A1,A2,A3,A4,B5,B6,B7,C12,D13,D14,D15 and D16 Originally released on Nubian Records, track B8 originally released on BBC Records, track C9 originally released on Silvertown, tracks C10 and C11 originally released on Kick Records.



Black Roots are: Cordell Francis – Lead Guitar, Errol Brown – Vocals, Jabulani Ngozi – Rhythm Guitar, Delroy Ogilvie – Vocals, Trevor Seivwright – Drums, Kondwani Ngozi – Congas/Vocals, Derrick King – Bass, Carlton Roots/Mikey – Keyboards/Vocals.

Additional musicians: Rico Rodriguez - Trombone on tracks 7 and 9, Dick Cuthell – Flugel Horn tracks 7 and 9, Rudi Hymes – Saxophone tracks 7 and 9, Vin Gordon – Trombone on track 12, Michael “Bammie” Rose – Tenor Sax and Flute on track 12, Max Carrot – Trumpet on track 12.

All tracks  produced by Black Roots except: track 8,10 and 11 co-produced by Denny Vidal, track 9 produced by Denny Vidal, tracks 12,13 and 14 produced by Neil Fraser (The Mad Professor).

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 mixed by Richard Lewis (UK Scientist)

All tracks mastered by Shaun Joseph at Optimum, April 2011

Compiled and high resolution transfers by Martin Langford April 2011

All Rights Reserved

P&C Bristol Archive Records 2011

All recordings owned by Black Roots/Nubian Records and exclusively licenced to Bristol Archive Records

 All tracks published by Nubian Music except tracks 1,4 and 15 Copyright Control


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  1. Cuzy Bro Says:

    Love Black Roots!! “In Session” CD just can’t get out of my stereo in my car at the moment. Great to see they are reuniting – the world cries out for music like this!

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