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RIP Popsy Curious

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Popy Curious passed away this morning.
Popsy was the most helpful, wonderful man. He was a constant source of energy, believing that our mission to uncover lost gems and recognise the talent within the people was a beautiful thing. Popsy never talked about himself or his talent (which was huge) but always enquired about how everyone else was doing (his friends in his words). Occasionally I’d moan about the behaviour of the odd person or band – Popsy would encourage me to remain strong and rise above.
I’ll miss Popsy, Bristol will miss Popsy, His family will miss him, St.Pauls will miss him. He’ll always be there in our hearts and on our record sleeves. We’d already agreed and planned three releases with his pictures on. The Bristol Roots Explosion will be the first, released in the spring of 2016 (Popsy on his bike outside the Bamboo Club)
Popsy we salute you, I salute you. RIP my dear friend. Thanks for all your help.
Mike Darby on behalf of the Bristol Archive Team