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Riot In Bristol – 3 D Production

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

7” Vinyl – Limited Edition Single

“RIOT” and “Re-Arrange (Version)”

Released 11th July 2011


The success of “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1979-1983”, has helped many new fans discover some of the wonderful reggae music hidden away and half forgotten in Bristol’s musical story. Many people have got in touch with us and asked if there was any chance of re-releasing some of these tunes in their original seven or twelve inch vinyl format. Having dipped our toe in the reggae singles market with our very limited release of a Joshua Moses/Sharon Bengamin split seven inch for Record Store Day we are delighted to announce our first full release is the most requested track from the album, 3-D Production “Riot”, coupled with it’s original B side, “Re-Arrange (Version)”.

3-D Production were an offshoot of The Radicals with John Carley on vocals, guitar and percussion and Black Roots member King providing the bass lines. This two man core were then supplemented by other local musicians. The single was released in 1980 on the small reggae label Third Kind and judging from it’s scarcity it seems to have sunk without trace, fortunately we didn’t forget it !! So after more than thirty years it will be re-released on Bristol Archive Records.

The title “Riot” needs no explanation and is about the St. Paul’s riot that had only just happened, a classic case of reggae reportage, opening with police sirens and the sound of smashing glass. The original picture cover is adorned with an image of the burning Lloyds Bank on Ashley Road whilst the rear features a burned out police panda car. Perhaps it’s no surprise “Riot” was banned by the BBC!

The B side “Re-Arrange (Version)” didn’t appear on the LP and has not previously been reissued. It presents a complete contrast to “Riot”, a sparse dub obviously inspired by late period Black Ark recordings with the snippets of vocal harmonies dropping in and out of the mix. A real grower that you find yourself drawn back to again and again wishing that there was a proper vocal version to accompany it.

The single will be released on Monday 11th July housed in an updated version of the original picture sleeve and with perfect attention to detail, we have even used the same colour for the labels as used on the original.




ARTIST: 3-D Production

TITLE: ‘Riot / Re-Arrange (Version)’

FORMAT: Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Single

LABEL: Bristol Archive Records

DISTRIBUTION: Exclusive to


RELEASE DATE: 11thJuly  2011


CONTACT: Mike Darby, E:  T: 07885 498 402