Pregnant / C.C.Sager



Lost in the Midst of Time: The story of TRIPTYCH plus 1




Here are 4 albums

[on digital release only] ... that may supply the answer
To the above question about the 90’s, asked of Mr Gareth Sager several times by several of his sons.
NO, Sager didn’t spend all the 90’s Hoovering and changing nappies.

On the 1st album of this ... TRIPTYCH plus 1,


“hey dad what do poets eat for tea? Pork and opium son pork and opium”

by C.C.Sager

Hey, Dad What Do Poets Eat For Tea?ARC178

Animal Magic Grip

  1. Mr Wolf's Mayday Parade
  2. Fate Hustles the Pros and Cons
  3. Hey Freaky Don't Paint It Blue
  4. My Baby Don't Care for Me
  5. Drive After Midnight
  6. Flight of the Dungbeetle
  7. I Took It As Gospel
  8. Lisa (All We Got is Time)
  9. You Make Me Want to Start a War
  10. Roman Rust On the Out of Town Bus
  11. Keeping the Dancefloor Warm
  12. You Think I'm Richard Burton
  13. Bringing Out the Worst in the Best

We find Sager sparking out a heady brew of punk jazz blues….with king improvisational drummer Steve Noble on the traps on most tracks and somehow keeping a steady beat...

Also we find Dave boy Hunter …
who Sager first met in NYC serving very strong cocktails at the hipper than thou nightspot “The Limelight”.
Hunter moved to the UK after failing to score a deal in the US with his gay electro band it didn’t help that none of the band were gay and that Hunter’s father (a Vietnam vet ) was very disapproving of the whole thing.

Hunter, married to Suzi Mac, who allegedly was Ian Kilminster aka Lemmy’s ... Dr Feelgood,
Hunter plays bass or drums on all 4 albums! The material was recorded in the opulent Orinoco studios, later the home to Noel and Liam’s dumber than dung dung-beatle -slade-sludge …
But for some reason, lost in the midst of time, this album was never released ... although Sager at the time was managed by the greatly missed Philip Hall … in whose memory the NME named their best new band award.

C.C.Sager supported Buddy Guy at the Birmingham symphony hall and the Manchester Apollo … Sager felt they had peaked… especially after he got told to turn down his guitar.


Gareth Sager - guitar, vocals, keyboards.
Steve Noble - drums
David Hunter - bass
Sagat Guirey - guitar on tracks, 5-7-8-10


The 2nd album

… by C.C.Sager ... was accurately entitled

Prophylactic Fingertips, Cherry Lips & Other Unsung SongsARC179

C.C. Sager

  1. Beyond My Fathers Charms
  2. A Little Mercy, A Heat You'll Never Break
  3. My Beautiful Hero
  4. Not in a Thousand Years
  5. I'm a Lazy Pseud
  6. Deathbed Lullaby
  7. Tequila Mockingbird
  8. Whistling in Welsh
  9. Cheaper Rooms (In Your Neck of the Woods)
  10. Coming Out of the Fifteenth Round
  11. Blown Bridges Blues
  12. If We're the Woman
  13. Hey Danny Don't Say It's Wrong


On this album we find Sager in singer/songwriter mode, taking his usual unusual approach to the art.
We find songs about deathbeds, Blanche Dubois, men being women and other assorted lazy pseuds, demanding mercy, Monet and repatriation etc etc
Hopefully with these songs now available to the general public, the likes of Messers Dylan, Young and Cohen can finally retire, knowing their muse is now in someone else’s very capable hands.







Now on album no. 3...


Subject Technica (I Must Be Firm Like a Green Banana)ARC151


  1. The Romance of Rock
  2. Higher Type of Mind
  3. Bono Leave Eno Alone
  4. It's Time for the Plants to Talk
  5. Pigjuice
  6. Go Bobby Go!
  7. Swimming and Drinking and Swimming
  8. Bewigged Unmarried Bizarre Car
  9. O'Cassey's Minibar
  10. Rosbif Marseillaise
  11. Beware Beware Hi Silver Hair

Sager is reunited … with one Rich Beale (of ..lead singer fame and fortune with the .band ..HEAD)

Now with Beale having re-established his balance on the broads and beaches of sunny Weston Super Mare...

Sager felt they were ready to hear that bell ring… and go a few more... rounds together... with the mighty aid…. of super Johnny Sealdog Seal

Whose studio… and hi-tech computer skills helped Sager create a lo-tech high protein lunch crunch of a sound.
Seal plays bass, guitar and fiddles with knobs on both pregnant albums

Which the unheralded King of 1990s Bristol ...
Monsieur Fat Paul...

Picked up on… and released on his Swarfinger label
.the band went under the title Pregnant.

And the possibilities were endless …

ON the album

dark comedy (“Higher Type of Mind”)
collides with a heartbreak (Moodmaster)…
collides with a song … about talking to plants
evidence, if it was ever needed, that Sager could split the Jekyl from the Hyde…. a feat never done before in public


And on the 4th album

the blue blue moody wind swept poetic posturing of


Pregnant Go Poofing On VenusARC152

Pregnant Go

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Pregnant - Pregnant Go Poofing On Venus


Featured Track

Jo PublicMoodmaster

  1. Frank (If Your're Still a Loose Cannon)
  2. Moodmaster
  3. Red West Coast Sunsets
  4. Halt Thou Wicked Tongue
  5. God's Chosen Language
  6. Metheglin Man With His Head On The...
  7. Fly My Lead Zeppelin
  8. A Private Ceremony
  9. It Fell From A UFO
  10. Lulu Is His Brosther
  11. Artery Tryptich and Hunter B.J. Seal


we get something else completely...
Sager had wanted R. Beale to come up with his own lyrics, as most of the HEAD stuff had been Sager's words...
so here on the Pregnant material we get the real Beale...








So. gentle listener, put 4 hours aside, dive deep and swim around a while in the world of the

“TRIPTYCH plus 1”


Johnny Boy Seal was willingly forced by his partner to get as far away from Sager as possible, because he was forever taking up his every spare second...

John and his partner now live in Glasgow ... and have two young children {see what you can do in your spare time, when Sager’s not about}…. he is a very successful TV editor for the bbc…

Dave boy Hunter has moved back to Texas and is making his own moonshine
Steve Noble is highly successful on the improvised jazz music circuit.

R. Beale can been seen riding his bike up very steep hills in Bristol
And G.Sager less successfully so…