The delegates



The Delegates Biog

DelegatesNow then: 1987, 4 blokes travelled from Pontypridd to set up camp in Bristol to become rock stars.

Pete Gould, (little Pete) Pete Giles (Big Pete), Jon Sharp and Dave Salisbury found various bedsits in the city and set about world domination.

Drinking one afternoon in the Bierkeller, they came across Nick Gutfreund playing pool. He could play saxophone, he also had a company estate car and could build the best combustibles whilst driving. He was in, The Delegates were born.

Dave Salisbury left soon after to pursue a career and start a family. Dave Blair stepped in to take up the bass.

In the three years they were together they were championed by Heavy Metal Guru and Radio DJ Andy Foxx at the Bierkeller and took up residency at the Fleece under Simon Hanks' Red Guitar Promotions and toured extensively across the country.

Every low down and dirty dive was on the tour list. This resulted in some ridiculous antics, most of which could have resulted in a small stretch, like most bands really.

Encouraged by their first producer Shaun Kirkpatrick (ex Bronze),
(despite his dubious "Stadium Rock" leanings and their resulting label of "Cock Rock", which was amusing seeing as none of them actually ever pulled a groupie!) they, thankfully never took themselves too seriously.

Instead they became renowned for their charismatic live performances and refusal to follow the rules of late 1980's fashion. They accepted a request to support un-pc comedian Roy "Chubby" Brown. Well, Big Pete was convinced he was some American soul singer...until they reached Cliffs Pavilion in Southend when the realisation took a firm hold. To counteract that they then played at a Labour Party Conference.

The Bristol Press and Radio put their weight behind the band but found them just as difficult to pigeon hole. This led to local notoriety packing out each and every gig and major spots at Ashton Court Festival. That was when they realised Hanks was making a killing on the door profits, of which the band saw nothing. However, the Fleece became their stomping ground resulting in a very dodgy naked photo shoot in the empty venue which is best forgotten.

DelegatesAlex Galvin took up the mantel of management and the release of the EP "Shelter from the Hard Rain" went some way to replicating the passion and quality of their work. This also helped to secured a showcase in front of Chris Blackwell (Island Records), who specifically attended a gig at the Anson Rooms to hear some of the new material. The support band overran that night and the plug was pulled before they could showcase their new stuff, this led to led to "a smack in the mouth for the supports lead singer"...Well...you would, wouldn't you!?

Sadly no major deal was on the table inspite of Nick and Big Pete's sorties to London labels. Pete Giles and Jon sharp left to play in Rita Lynch's band, Big Pete then went on to play with The Spasmodics,
Little Pete recorded as Toby Conway and DJ Moore, whilst Nick and Dave left for London.

Three years being in "the toughest, sweatiest combo in town" (Venue) had come to an end, just in time to avoid any major long term lung and liver damage...


Pete Giles 6th April 2009