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Very 1977, In Fact
An appropirate follow up to their vinyl-only collection of Bristol’ss origianal punks, The Cortinas, sees the archivists of Bristolian punk release this LP of 11 tracks by the band considered the second on the scene. It’s such a typical story it’s cliche, but the guys who formed The Pigs did so after seeing The Cortinas, realised that there was something different about them than being just another pub-rock act and felt compelled to start their own band as a result.
Nothing new there – and really there’s nothing particularly memorable in the enthusiastic but limited end result because what they recorded in one day at Sound Conception Studio on 12 August 1977 is typical third-tier punk with ricochet quick barrages against The National Front and for Nuclear Disarmament. Great to have,as it totally captures the essence of a time now gone, but nothing to mark it out either.
Four tracks laid down that day, with Miles Copeland behind the financing, comprised an EP, Youthanasia, on the New Bristol imprint (some digging around suggests a copy of that would set you back about £15 today) but the remainder has gone unheard until now.
Ian Abrahams
Record Collector 


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