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Paradise Garage

Paradise Garage – Photo by Greg Embery


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  1. Nick Says:

    I remember Paradise Garage and Richard. I’d also like to point out that this was during the Bear Pits hey day! Who ever it was in the Bear Pit/Stokes Croft Association (are you actually local Bristolian) the Bear Pits hey days were before Massive Attack, and i’m sick of newbies moving into Bristol telling us how it once was when they haven’t got a clue.

    Sad that Paradise Garage no longer exists, as was better than the run of the mill clothing back in the day and today. Lets face it, if you wonder into one shop in Broadmead or Carboot Circus today, you’ve been in them all. The high street shops of today all stock the same rip off versions of the same latest fashion lines/tat, and the quality is in general poor.

    Sorry to disappoint you people, but if you call what’s going on today with the Bear Pit and Stokes Croft gentrification, you’re wrong. Those of us that can remember would tell you that the Bear Pit and Stokes Croft of today are s##t holes, and Stokes Croft/St Pauls was better when it was a so say black area. Since the decline of the Bear Pit locals have always said to fill it in.

    Would like to say thanks to Richard for keeping us supplied with the clothing and shoes he stocked and best wishes to you sir!

    If only we could turn the clocks back to a time before the numpty’s moved in and started all this cycling graffiti city s##t, and started ruining are city and the relaxed laid back vibe we had. Sure there’s many of us out there that would agree and possibly moved on as i’m thinking of doing so myself, lol!

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