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January Site Updates Now Completed

New Releases:


The Crazy Trains Album ‘Heartbreaks and Headaches’ ARC 071


 The Crazy Trains were formed by ex St Bede’s pupils and long standing friends John McLean (vocals, harmonica) and Paul Grudzinski (guitar). Sharing a love of The New York Dolls, Chuck Berry, The Faces The Rolling Stones and 60′s garage R&B, they set about forming a band which reflected their mutual tastes…..


Dry Mini Album ‘Into Your Country Music’ ARCO72


A three piece melodic guitar pile up from Bristol, formed in 1996……Influences from Boston‘s Buffalo Tom to the City’s own Blue Aeroplanes.


Wushcatte Album ‘The Mr.Grins Sessions’ ARC0074


Wushcatte, pronounced ‘Whoosh Cat’, were formed at the start of the 1990′s, nobody knows why, they just were. The nucleus of the band came from the recently divorced Kid Sinister via the short lived ‘Road Dreams’ but the ethos was quite different, no pop pretensions here! …..

 No Deposit Single  Mountain Lake / Jazz Radio’ ARC073

One of the first releases from Shoc Wave Records. We are please to confirm that the majority of the Shoc Wave back catalogue will be re-released via Bristol Archive in the coming months….

Many New Mp3’s added to the site

Rob Smith, Tony Orrell and Steve Haley stories added to The People section.


Due to technical difficulties the X-CERTS Album ‘Fussing and Fighting’ has still not been scheduled for release neither has the Harpoons single. The Distributor has confirmed today that they should appear very shortly for approval so we aim to make them available to the public in March.



Future Releases:


HEAD – the album is now finished and will be called ‘ xxx…lost butt found rotting under the sex cattle shed’ – aiming for March / April release


SHOC WAVE – the majority of their back catalogue


SOCIAL SECURITY – talking with the band about possibly an albums worth of 1977 Punk Rock


THE PIGS – talking with the band about re-releasing the EP previously released in 1977 on New Bristol Records but including all 13 tracks recorded from the same session.


DECAY SISTERS – an album to be released in March called ‘ Liver, Bacon, Onions The Lot ..’




THE ROYAL ASSASSINS – Album currently being mastered


THE SPICS – Album currently being pieced together by Adrian at The Great Bear editing suite




More news to follow.

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