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V.A.: “THE BEST OF FRIED EGG records (Bristol 1979-1980)” ”
(Bristol archive of records /, release date: 01.) February 2010)
The label “” fried egg records “was 1979 by Andy Leighton, administrator of Bristoler” “Crystal Theatre” established.”” First release was a single Theatre house band SHOES FOR INDUSTRY. The only two-year existence of the label at least saturated 13 singles and 2 albums came in around. Record suspected! 1980 already a first summary was concluded and it appeared which is completely to hear sampler „E(gg)clectic”, with a total of 12 tracks, which originated primarily from said singles and now on this CD in a re-mastered version. During even a limited 7 appeared “inch EP (on white vinyl) named” fried alive 1980 World Tour “”, which was sold to gigs with participation of “FriedEgg”-Bands. “” This EP are bonus track part listen some songs, where the song “” Angels in the rain “was published by THE VICEROYS really just on this EP.” The remaining songs taken from the official singles of the label. When I hear such sampler einfing former atmosphere with all their different styles of music I must think automatically of JOHN PEEL, who was known for extensively to devote particular output of small labels. With him I heard for the first time the WILD BEASTS and their fantastic “” minimum maximum “, what I some years later also on single saw me.” I think I too remember played the FANS because of them I bought their first single “” giving me that look in your eye”.” me sometime These are also the single songs I have detected immediately. What song away has impressed me directly from the place was “” original mixed up kid “of VARIOUS ARTITS (ingenious tape name, by the way!).” A hyper melodischer power pop/ModPunker, whose Refrain without simply in my brain has milled itself and was typical of this time. Bloed, I only find that it simply away has failed to durchzunummerieren the title. The Durchzaehlen nervt a little until then finally has the correct title. Another highlight is certainly “” Johnny runs for Paregoric”by EXPLODING SEAGULLS.” A completely independent “post punk”-style. “” The STINGRAYS can be with “” exceptions ‘the’ C ‘ mon everybody “Bass in a completely different context alive.” “” So easy and yet so great! With, “” Countdown”there will be a further power pop/climax of ModPunk to plague. “” Fit Of Pique”ART OBJECTS skin away from also once one.” At that time at sound new wave electro punk as it had. Impulsive and somewhat come from the track. With the einsA reggae “” Sheepdog trial Inna Babylon”of SHOES FOR INDUSTRY sounds 20 track CD beautiful relaxed from.
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