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Claytown Troupe Release Rare Recordings

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This is interesting, being early pre-majors demos, and it’s the ‘coming soon’ netherworld over at the brilliant Bristol Archive Records site, but I imagine it’s any day now. (I’ll have to leave my review of Temple’s ‘Seduction’ until they have the details up there as I know nothing at all about them, including the song titles of the CD I was sent.) It shows the band fermenting in both froth and attitude.

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Patience’ is the fact it’s almost a mixture of Southern Death Cult poise and Simple Minds prettiness. The vocals howl stylishly and jabber, the drums gnash, the guitar gleams, and there’s a catchy synth hook. ‘A Good Day To Die’ then features some Native American vocal intro acrobatics, and as that rolls out the bass marches on the spot, the guitar trails off delicately. It’s dramatic bollocks, which sounds great and has a wonderfully itchy passage. ‘Smile 4’ veers back into the wobbly gait of ‘Waterfront’-era Simple Minds though, too slick and measured. ‘Take It On Up’ is an aggravated, occasionally frantic look at drugs, an ambitiously packed song well handled, indicating why they got the big deal eventually. They actually have a few too many things going on here, and it’s too long. ‘Part Of Me Now’ is some sentimental sounding slop, but it’s frisky as well, so you don’t turn away, your face disfigured by loathing, you find yourself bobbing along.

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