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April Update Bristol Archive Records –

April Update Bristol Archive


A busy month of new releases with the following hitting all digital stores for your listening pleasure on April 6th…..


HEAD – ‘Bottled Vintage xxx’ – Album –ARC 078


Y … Bristol was ripe for a plucking … but refused to listen until now!

And only now because the Massive Attack road crew are willing to sponsor ‘THE HEAD STORY ON ICE’


THE SPICS – ‘Midnight Girls’ – Album – ARC 089


The SPICS were formed because Nick Shepherd (Yeh, ‘The Clash one’), Johnny Britton and Mike Crawford thought they’d discovered the 50′s listening to Phil Spector, Ben E King and Otis Redding.


THE STINGRAYS – ‘At the Dugout Live 1977’ – Mini Album – ARC 077


Recorded live at The Dug out Club by Simon Edwards of Heartbeat Records fame and featuring the original line up.


Singles from…..


CREATURE BEAT – ‘She Won’t Dance’


ELECTRIC GUITARS – ‘Work’, ‘Health’ and ‘Wolfman Tap’


Plus the start of The Shocwave Records series with releases from…..






We have launched a Bristol Archive T Shirts range. The first batch of designs are available to purchase by following the Merch (T Shirts) link on .


We have designs available from Apartment, The Escape, Shoes For Industry, Talisman, Electric Guitars and many more.


We also have loads of new designs in the pipeline and these shirts will be an exciting addition to keeping the Sounds of Bristol past alive and at the fore front of peoples minds (fingers crossed)  



We’ve added an amazing story from Dave Cohen on Wavelength Records and The Bristol Recorder.


If anyone wishes to add their story, memories of the era, The Dug Out Club then please get in touch …..


New Releases for May…..


We have releases scheduled from the following artists..


Decay Sisters – ‘Live at Trinity Hall 1983’ – ARC076


Essential Bop – ‘Eloquent Sounds EP’ – ARC 094


Europeans – ‘Live at Bower Ashton 1978’ – ARC 095


Recorded Delivery – ‘Russian Roulette’ – ARC 093


The Pigs – ‘1977’ – ARC 0090


The Pigs – ‘Youthanasia Ep’ – ARC 91


The Royal Assassins – ‘Flux’ – ARC 092


Forthcoming projects….


Apartment Album – ‘House of Secrets’


The White Hotel Album


The Long March Album


Colortapes Album


Social Security Album


Delegates Album


Plus many more……………






If you are on Facebook and want to catch up with day to day activity on Bristol Archive Records you can contact and read about developments here…


We’ve recently added two amazing videos from The Escape, ‘The Retrospect’ and ‘Nogo’



Keep checking back as the label and site develop still further into the most comprehensive account of Bristol’s Music Vaults 1977 – onwards.




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