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The Bristol Reggae Explosion

Any city could be proud if its subcultural heritage was kept up like the one of Bristol is. Bristol Archive Records is way more than just a label – it’s a museum, a history lesson, a record shop, a discography, a band / gig / fanzine archive, a publisher, and more. The aspiration is huge: to “reissue [the] entire back catalogue of [Bristol]”. You just have to feel the love, effort and passion that is put into this project. DIY at its best!

Their latest thing is a compilation of Reggae tunes recorded in the area of Bristol entitled “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 – 1983″. Thanks to Martin Langford (neither the sax therapist nor the drag queen), who is responsible for the liner notes, I was able to give the album (that will be out in february 2011) a listen in advance.

The selection isn’t less than superb. The Black Roots have always been a UK Roots favourite of mine and it’s a pleasure that their amazing “Juvenile Delinquent” is included. The name “Restriction” didn’t ring a bell for me, but their “Four Point Plan” is a killer tune with a heavy rhythm and extraordinary and unique DJ vocal styling. Even as a person who usually doesn’t like Lover’s Rock too much I really do like Sharon Bengamin’s “Mr.Guy”. Joshua Moses’ “Pretty Girl” is another favourite on this carefully compilated album.
“The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978​-​1983″ will be available on CD and can be downloaded in advance. To get an idea of the amazing cover artwork, check The 12 page sleeve notes will be written by Reggae authority Martin Langford. But it’s the announcement of “a very limited vinyl pressing” that will put a glance in the eyes of the collectors out there. Count me in there, please. What else is there to say but the mandatory: Go get it!

  • Black Roots : Bristol Rock (Bunny Marrett) (Arranged by Black Roots)
  • Joshua Moses : Africa (Is Our Land) (Joshua Moses 1978)
  • Talisman : Run Come Girl – Live (Taylor / Talisman 1980)
  • Restriction : Four Point Plan (Restriction 1983)
  • Black Roots : Tribal War 12” Mix (Black Roots)
  • Restriction : Restriction (Restriction 1983)
  • Joshua Moses : Pretty Girl (Joshua Moses 1979)
  • Talisman : Wicked Dem – Live ( Taylor / Talisman 1980)
  • The Radicals : Nights Of Passion ( John Carley 1980)
  • Sharon Bengamin : Mr Guy (Unknown 1980)
  • Black Roots : Juvenile Delinqent (Black Roots)
  • Buggs Durrant : Baby Come Back(Home) (Errol Williams 1983)
  • 3-D Production : Riot (John Carley 1980)
  • Talisman : Dole Age 12” Mix ( Joseph / Talisman 1981)
  • To read more about the Bristol Reggae scene, go there and enjoy.

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