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ALAN GRIFFITHS 12 April 1959 – 23 March 2017

Alan Griffiths was a songwriter, guitarist and more, singer, frontman, producer and performer, and one of the most supremely talented musicians Bristol has produced.

His life changed when he saw Television and Blondie at the Colston Hall in 1977. It was both an inspirational ‘light-bulb’ moment, and the start of a life-long obsession with the work of Television, the band, Tom Verlaine and other members.

This led to his forming Apartment with drummer, Emil Joachim, and bassist, Richard White. The track ‘The Alternative’ on the seminal ‘Avon Calling’ compilation of Bristol bands, followed by a single ‘The Car’ / ‘Winter’, both released by Simon Edwards on his Heartbeat label, showed this was a group to be reckoned with. Radio One picked up on them as well, so Alan had already made an impact, barely out of his teens.
Spurred on to get out of his day-job as an electronics technician, Alan took the band into a new epoch in forming The Escape with Emil and new bassist, Neil Action and later Stuart Morgan. More recordings in the bedroom studio – dubbed by friends as the ‘House of Secrets’ – in his parent’s house in suburban Downend took his career to another level.

The band undertook a flurry of gigs all over the country, including the ‘6 Day Nightmare’ week of shows in London, and were getting local and national press and radio exposure, which led to TV appearances on ‘RPM’ locally and the ‘Oxford Road Show’ nationally. Radio One jumped in with the offer of a session on day-time radio, and all this hard work led to a record deal with Phonogram.

Although that deal didn’t work out for the best, it led to The Escape, then Alan as a session player touring with label mates, Tears For Fears, and for him on a more regular basis for many years co-writing, co-producing and working with Roland Orzabal. In the gaps between this activity it gave him the space to pursue a new, more textured project with John Kelly that gave us the music of White Hotel.

Alan had always been interested in production and music for TV and films, inspired by his love of Hitchcock movies, Bernard Herrmann scores and Gerry Anderson animations, and his expanded studio set-up gave him the opportunity to do so. His most regular ‘gig’ was for the ‘CSI’ franchise, while also writing for and contributing to Hollywood productions and adverts.

His had a rich and varied career. But for me his work with The Escape and Apartment – with all releases available via Bristol Archive – shows that his music and songs will always live on. When he ‘listening to the rain’, he was hearing something ‘else’, and ‘waiting’ for the inspiration to come. And it did.
He never ‘waited’ when that moment came. He just got on with it, and the muse and music flowed out. He lived life where he was true to himself. And to quote the first song by The Escape that I ever heard, he didn’t ‘want to steal time that yesterday never bought.’
(Dave Massey)

Alan Griffiths 2-Trinity 1979

6 Responses to “ALAN GRIFFITHS 12 April 1959 – 23 March 2017”

  1. Emil Joachim Says:

    Looking back some of the best times of my life creating and collaborating with Alan on an old Revox, he was a
    true visionary with so much energy and originality, constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and music,
    a true legacy which continues today to influence and inspire, musician, poet and friend.

  2. Neil Davidge Says:

    Alan was a lovely guy, we met through Angelo Bruschini at the studio in Bedminster around 2003 and quickly became friends. We never worked together but he’d often pop round for coffee and we’d chat about music and technology. We lost contact when I eventually moved studios. I miss his relaxed confidence, his clarity, his serenity. Bye mate, it was a real pleasure knowing you.

  3. Andy Ounsted Says:

    A moving tribute to our dear friend. My brother and i had kept in regular contact with Alan and in recent years would make a point to meet up at each bank holiday throughout each year, to play each other music and enjoy lively conversation.
    I shall deeply miss his sense of fun, knowledge and enormous talent.

  4. Simon Edwards Says:

    On the nail as ever Dave, and like you it will be Alans’ earlier work that will remain dear to my heart.
    Still trying to come to terms with the loss of Alan, yes – he was a lovely guy and I will miss those seemingly endless discussions about music, 7″ singles, productions and of course reel to reel tape recorders.
    The first time I heard Alans music was on a demo C60 cassette in 78 – I was so impressed by the guitar sound and vulnerability of his vocals, no frills just raw innocense – and later perfectly demonstrated on the tracks Winter, Poison and Broken Glass. Knowing that we will always have his music to cherish does give some comfort to this terribly sad occasion.
    Thanks for the noise Al, always The Alternative.

  5. Joe McGill Says:

    Just heard the news today about Al. Like Neil, I met him through Ange and we worked on a few things together back in the early noughties. Such a genuine, talented guy; his keyboard drumming was second to none! So so sad.

  6. Pat Tedd Says:

    Bloody Hell!
    I played with Alan briefly with The Escape on the Tears for Fears tour way way back, I just happened upon this sad news today.
    Too young Too soon

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