The Seers


Live in Europe 1990ARC176

The Seers Live in Europe 1990



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The SeersThe Seers

Freedom Trip

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  1. Freedom Trip
  2. Earthmover
  3. Splitting the Atom
  4. You Keep Me Praying
  5. Welcome to the Deadtown
  6. Rub Me Out
  7. Sun is in the Sky
  8. Fly Away
  9. Second Time Around
  10. Shame About Your World
  11. Lightening Strikes
  12. Don't Get It
  13. Psychout
  14. Magic Potion


Live in Bristol 1991ARC177

The Seers Live in Bristol 1991


  1. Second Time Around
  2. Turn Me On About Now
  3. Sun is in the Sky
  4. Fly Away
  5. Counting Angels
  6. Reaching in My Brain
  7. Welcome to Deadtown
  8. You Keep Me Praying
  9. Splitting the Atom
  10. Earthmover
  11. Freedom Trip
  12. Superman
  13. Freakscene
  14. Wildman





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