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The Numbers

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The Numbers - Alternative Suicide (,Re-mastered)


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The Numbers

The Numbers

One Day, Some Day

  1. Alternative Suicide
  2. Cross Slide
  3. Deadline
  4. One Day, Some Day
  5. The Visitor
  6. Sunset Boulevard
  7. Catylepsy
  8. World
  9. Lucifer Sam
  10. Permanent Dream
  11. Wasting Time
  12. One Day, Some Day
  13. Alternative Suicide


Nick McAuley
Angelo Bruschini
Wayne Kingston
Lee Gardener

Bowie influnced new wave - way ahead of their time. The band recorded for Heartbeat Records, regrettably their only output at the time was a track on the Avon Calling LP and another on the 4 Alternatives EP. Angello Bruschini later joined the Rimshots, The Blue Aeroplanes and currently plays guitar with Massive Attack.

This album has been compiled from demos recorded by Steve Street at GBH Sudios and kept by Simon Edwards of Heartbeat Records, we thank Simon for granting permission to use the tracks plus Alternative Suicide and Cross Slide from the Heartbeat back catalogue.

Massive thanks to Wayne Kingston and Angello Bruschini for agreeing to the album being released.

Mastered by Steve Street July 2009



The Numbers