The McAllisters

Knucklehead Reduction Strumming ARC285

  1. Careful Operator Defect
  2. Fuzzy Sucker's Lament
  3. Doctor V Doctor
  4. Jgb's Copper Desert Motorola Metroland
  5. Wingswimmers' Short Walk, Extended (Demo)
  6. Cramp
  7. The Watchmen (Demo)
  8. The Secret of God's Success (Demo)

Shakedown For The Territory ARC295

  1. Oh Yeah
  2. Down & Out on Chickenly Blues
  3. You Are What You Will
  4. Rag the Holy Man
  5. Mother Confessor
  6. Lamentable
  7. T and J Will Eat Each Other - The Final Word
  8. Grey Suit Rebel Search
  9. Spy - Poet's Corneille Holer
  10. Sooner or Later There'll Be Fallout

The LMcAllistersevitation Day Lettersg ARC296

  1. There & Back Man
  2. Eccentric Art Collector
  3. Solemn Malpractice Rite in Cold Coat
  4. There & Back Man ((Speeddub Desert Buffalo Mix))
  5. Sing Something Simple (Demo)
  6. Public History of Mr Beard The Bloody Life of Dream V Dreamer (Demo)
  7. The Falldreamer's Dennis Valentino Clench
  8. Like a Verghzzion (Demo)
  9. The (Can't Hurry) Liberation Day Shuffle
  10. Extinction Spasm of Ma Confessor
  11. For the Benefit of the Greysuithuntsabs Pursuit