Sea Culture


Sea Culture ARC337

white hotel

  1. Sea Culture
  2. Shaping
  3. Place of Hearts
  4. I Search the Islands
  5. Driven by Need
  6. We Love & Value You
  7. Keep Them Away from My Heart
  8. I Am the Dream
  9. Drifting
  10. Journey to No End


Line up:

James Wallace: Acoustic & electric guitar/ digital effects
Jake Peggs: drums & percussion/ drum programming & vocals
Terri Brahma: vocals

All songs by James Wallace & Jake Peggs



» Sea Culture 1986-1993



The Builders - Approach ARC336

white hotel

  1. Empty City
  2. Final Ramzam Friday Prayer
  3. One Big Night
  4. Space Shuttle Burst


Line up:

Guitar/vocals: James Wallace
Guitar/vocals: Mak
Bass/vocals: Sue Peggs
Drums/vocals: Jake Peggs



» The Builders 1980-1983