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Can't Stop Running ARC210

Hey Balaba

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Can't Stop Running - Single - Hey Belaba


Featured Track

HeyCan't Stop Running

  1. Can't Stop Running
  2. Call Of The Wild
  3. I Feel Fear

Line up:

Scott Davidson - Keyboards
Andy Oswin - Vocals
Will Ng - Drums
Simon Gardner - guitar
Stuart Morgan - Bass

Andy Oswin ( Feb 2011)


Formed in the 80’s by Scott Davidson and myself off the back of a successful time in cabaret bands and developed building a good local reputation around Bristol.

Nearly signed to RCA Records and then Scott went on to tour with Bros / Pet Shop Boys etc before starting his successful publishing empire (founder of Trade it before selling !)

I stopped playing but went on to spend 10 years working for Warner Bros Records, firstly in sales and then radio promotions, now I have an event management company based in Bristol.