Europeans were a New Wave band formed in Bristol, UK in 1977. The line-up was Jonathan Cole (formally of Colortapes on vocals, guitar and synthesizers), Jon Klein (ex-Emergency Exit on lead guitar), Steve Street (ex-Public Enemy Number One on bass guitar) and James Cole (drums/percussion). According to Jon, ‘we were going to be called 'The Noses.' (They should not be confused with the similarly named The Europeans, a British band formed in 1981).

Their single 'Europeans/Voices' was recorded at Baths Crescent Studios and was the second release of Bristols' Heartbeat Records. This single was heard by Cherry Red Records  and lead to a licensing agreement between them and Heartbeat. The band later contributed the track 'On the Continent' to the labels seminal 'Avon Calling' compilation album. The band split in 1979 when Rialto Records signed Jonathan Cole as a solo artist. Jon Klein went to London with Kevin Mills from The X-Certs to form Specimen (and was involved with the Batcave), he later joined Siouxie & the Banshees and played on three of their albums. Steve Street joined Apartment, then Interview, he then moved on to recording bands in Bristol as an engineer/producer, and later worked with Tears for Fears.

The band had originally recorded an albums worth of material, but this was not released until 2008, when Bristol Archive Records brought out a downloadable album called 'Take Me To The Continent'. This was followed in 2009 with a recorded live set, 'Live 1978 – Bower Ashton College', and a collection of demos, 'GBH Demos 1978'

Post break-up

  • Jonathan Cole – Signed to Rialto Records, the single ‘’Keys to my Car’’ was never released.
  • Jon Klein – formed Specimen, and later on went to record with Siouxie & the Banshees.
  • Steve Street – joined Apartment, then Interview, and was involved in producing/engineering Bristol Bands.





  • ’’Europeans/Voices’’ (1978, Heartbeat, UK, 7", PULSE 2)
  • ’’Europeans/It Wasn’t Me’’ (1979, Rialto, UK, 7", TREB-105)


  • Take Me To The Continent (2008, Bristol Archive, UK, Download, ARC002)
  • ’Live 1978 – Bower Ashton College’ (2009, Bristol Archive, UK, Download, ARC095)
  • ’GBH Demos 1978’ (2009, Bristol Archive, UK, Download, ARC098)

Tracks appear on

  • ’’Labels Unlimited - The Second Record Collection’’ (1979, Cherry Red, UK, LP, ARED 4)
  • ’’Avon Calling’’ (1980, Heartbeat, UK, LP, HB 1)
  • ’’Avon Calling [Reissue + Unreleased Tracks and Heartbeat Singles Collection]’’ (2005, Cherry Red, UK, CD, CDMRED292)
  • ’’I'll Give You My Heart I'll Give You My Heart - The Cherry Red Records Singles Collection 1978-1983’’(2008, Cherry Red, UK, 8xCD



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