Creature Beat


She Won't Dance ARC088

Creature Beat

  1. She Won't Dance
  2. Creature Beat


New Wave band who released one single on their own label Puritan Records, titled "Creature Beat b/w She Won't Dance", engineered/produced by David Lord at Crescent Studios in Bath. Band moved to London in 1979 and, whilst returning to Bristol for regular gigs at locations such as the Architects Club off Park Street, were also regulars on the London scene such as The Rock Garden, The Ad Lib Club, and anyplace else that'd have us! Band went seperate ways circa late 1980s, although we're still in touch.

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Creature Beat - She Won't Dance - Single - Creature Beat


Featured Track

Creature BeatCreature Beat

She Won't Dance



Live Oxford 1981 ARC125

Creature Beat

  1. Crown of Thorns
  2. New Scotland Yard
  3. Melodrama
  4. Creep Style
  5. Steam
  6. Soul Business
  7. Funky Soup
  8. Venezuela
  9. Spaghetti Western
  10. Shadowdrive
  11. Crown of Thorns
  12. Soul Business





Picture credit to the photographer Mark Broomer

The photo is L to R:
Simon James, vocals
Wade Featherstone, drums
Andrew Andrews, percussion, vibes, backing vocals
Matthew James, guitar, backing vocals
Nigel Harrison, bass