Stone River Machine

Stone River MachineARC308


As the new millennium kicked into life, the four guys that made up the final line up of Devious all found themselves back in Bristol at the same time and the inevitable happened – yep, a reunion!

What started out as a couple of fun sessions to blow the musical cobwebs away eventually took on a life of its own, and before you could say “what the hell have you been up to for the last five or six years” a whole bunch of new songs came together. Joining Mike Blakemore (Vocals), Lee Godbert (Drums), Andy Muse (Bass) and Phil Rossiter (Guitars) was Phil’s brother Pete as second lead guitarist, and all of a sudden it was as if a completely new band had been formed – welcome to Stone River Machine!

Inevitably a few gigs followed, including a particularly hot and sticky outing at The Louisiana, and then it was time to hit the studio - this recording is the end result of the session


Like The Sun
Nowhere To Run
From Both Sides
Losing My Faith


All songs by Stone River Machine, Lyrics by Mike Blakemore

Recorded at Bink Bonk Studios, Bristol, September 2002