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the pigs



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The Pigs - 1977 (Digital Only,Re-mastered)


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The Pigs1977

National Front

  1. Psycopath
  2. Youthanasia
  3. Ran Me In
  4. National Front
  5. They Say
  6. Exploitation
  7. General Election
  8. Nuclear Disarmament
  9. Personality Change
  10. Give It Ball
  11. They Shoot Horse Don't They

All songs written by Kit Gould
except Track 11 by Racing Cars

Recorded at Sound Conception Studios, Bristol, August 12th

Eamonn McAndrew Vocals
Kit Gould Guitar, Vocals
Nigel Robinson Bass
Ricky Galli Drums


Engineer Chris David

Produced by The Pigs

Scream by Vern and Mart

Photos Seng - Gye

Remastered originally by Paul. J. Scagnetti at Moulinex Studios, Civitavecchia, Italy Dec 2001

Remastered in 2009 by Paul Whitrow

Cover concept and Design Luca Piccionne



the pigs

  1. Youthanasia
  2. They Say
  3. Psychopath
  4. National Front