Sweet Revenge

Nothing Ever Goes (The Way It's Planned)ARC169


  1. Flowers in the City (Johansen, Guy)
  2. Nothing Ever Goes (The Way It's Planned)
    (Chilcott, Bateman, Baldwin)
  3. Great Big Kiss (G Morton)


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Featured Track

sweet revengeNothing Ever Goes (The Way It's Planned)

Jon – Vocals / Bass
Dave – Guitar
Shane – Drums

Sooty – Guitar
Jerry – Sax
Lucy and Diane – Vocals

Track 1 = CBS Publishing
Track 2 = Heartbeat/Complete Music
Track 2 = Trio Music Ltd

Originally Released on Revenge Records
Recorded at S.A.M Studios
Engineered by Steve and Mark
Produced by Sweet Revenge

Thanks to Steve, Ken, Big H

Sleeve by Shane and Jon

Mastered by Steve Street 2010