God Bless You


God Bless You

  1. Sugar
  2. Magic and Mystery


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Sugar - God Bless You


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god bless youSugar

Line Up:
Dave Ryan Vocals
Rita Lynch Vocals
Simon Black Keyboards

Recorded at S.A.M Studios 1987
Produced by God Bless You
Photos by Chris Rydlewski and Gerald
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God Bless Liz

Published by Cubic
Originally Released on Mirror Records
Mastered by Steve Street 2010


Some remember a Bristol band called God Bless You who plagued audiences with an ever-changing onslaught of electronic noise between 1983 and 1989. They became adept at clearing dance-floors, sending punters rushing to the bar. They loved Elvis, The Doors, Prince, Iggy Pop and Bowie. But Suicide and Kraftwerk were the real inspirations for a new sound that might save the dying beast of rock n roll. They were immersed in beauty and desire, youth, hedonism – black leather, neon nights, love, sex and intoxication. It all seemed very real at the time.


gMinimalism was at the centre of their ideal – the idea stripped, without technical narcissism or the pathetic desire to entertain. The result was often primitive and possibly amateurish. But once upon a time the struggle to create new forms and push at the boundaries was expected. It was an austere and divided political and economic climate. Post-punk popular music was a much more serious project. Times change. Once in the studio God Bless You compromised as all bands do and attempted to make some product that might sell. Results: disappointing, as expected. Never listen to the advice of sound engineers in leather trousers! God Bless You were 2 then they were 3, then 4, then 5. 6 counting the drum machine. (“Where’s the fucking drummer”? Music fan circa 1982-89) They were vain and egotistical and for a while they imagined that they might become stars. They did not.

Dave Ryan - Vocals
Simon Black - Guitars and Keyboards
Rita Lynch - Vocals
Pete Webb - Bass
Emma Webb – Keyboards

God Bless You was Rita Lynchs first band


Pics taken by Chris Rydlewski