Various Artists

Clash of the CenturyARC184


  1. To Be Loved By You - Wayne Simpson
  2. Superstar - Peter Culture
  3. Aluta Continua - Sister Netifah
  4. Love A Dub - Keith Poppin
  5. Wishing - Coral Biola
  6. I'm Just Trying To Say - R-L-D
  7. Clash of the Century - Admiral Tibet
  8. Struggle We Ah Struggle - Michael Prophet
  9. No Drugs - Mickey Tuff
  10. No Let Go - Thriller U
  11. This Whole World - Nigga Kojak
  12. Shoc-In Dub - Guiding Star Players


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Clash of the Century - Various Artists


Featured Track

Peter Culture

Compilation album released in 1991 on Shoc Wave Records

Published by Unitone Publishing Ltd 1991

Features Admiral Tibet, Michael Prophet and Nigga Kojak to name but a few.

Recorded in Jamaica and England

Produced by Ralphie Dread and Levi Wilson

Mixed by Peter Chemist, Ikawi and Starkey

Rereleased with permission from Gene Walsh

Mastered by Steve Street 2010